Newport News Public Schools TV and the Telecommunications Center

Everything you need to know about joining the Telecom Program at NNPS

Join the NNPS Telecommunications Program (pdf flyer)

What is the Telecommunications program?

Television Production I and Television Production II courses comprise the Telecom program.  TV I is a full-year double-period course.  It provides students with basic knowledge and skills in TV production. Students develop techniques in broadcast news operation, and studio and electronic filled productions.  TV II is also a full-year, double-period course.  The second year of study emphasizes specific occupational knowledge and skills.  Students learn techniques in producing music videos, commercials and talk shows.  Skills and knowledge gained will be used to produce programming for NNPS-TV (Cox Channel 47/Verizon Fios Channel 17).

Where is the Telecommunications Center?

The Telecommunications Center is located at 4 Minton Dr., right near Todd Stadium on Warwick Blvd.

Can students from any school enroll in the Telecom program?

Students from any Newport News public high school may enroll.

Can students from any grade in NNPS join the Telecom program?

No, students must be in 11th or 12th grade.

Does a student have to apply to the Telecommunications program?

No, the student meets with his or her Guidance Counselor and chooses "Television Production I" or "Television Production II" for his or her schedule.

Is transportation provided to the Telecommunications Center?

Yes, the students may take the school bus from their schools to the Telecommunications Center and back to their schools after TV class. Students may drive their own cars if they choose.  Parking is in the lot behind the Telecommunications Center, which can be accessed using the driveway between the fire station and Telecom. The back lot is also where the TV truck is parked.

Is there an extra fee for this class?

No, there are no extra fees.

Do students have to work on productions outside of class?

Students may work as paid interns on productions like football games and other sporting events, graduations, performances, and concerts. The student applies for a position on the crew if he or she so desires. It is not required. Most required assignments can be completed during class, but it is possible that outside time may be needed.