Newport News Public Schools TV and the Telecommunications Center

Telecom students earn college credit in Mass Communications from Norfolk State University. They receive six credits after completing TV-I and three more credits when they complete TV-II.

The three NSU classes that are comparable to Telecom's two-year coursework are: Television Production, Electronic Field Production & Editing, and Television Directing. Each of these three classes is worth three credits.

The Telecom program is a Career and Technical Education course that is part of the NNPS dual enrollment program. Dual enrollment allows high school juniors and seniors to earn college and high school credit concurrently.

Coursework includes: Fundamentals, tools, and techniques of television and audio operations. Theory, terminology, and crew position responsibilities. Basic shooting, editing and lighting techniques. Creating news stories. Producing and directing television programs, developing leadership skills, and training on advanced A/V equipment.