The production staff at NNPS-TV/Telecom produces a variety of shows for a wide range of audiences. All shows are shot in beautiful HD quality.

NNPS-TV provides educational programming on Cox Channel 47 in Newport News and Verizon Fios Channel 17 in all of Hampton Roads. NNPS-TV is also available on Roku and Apple TV, with a live stream of our channel and on-demand locally produced videos.

The NNPS-TV Bulletin Board is like a slideshow that airs between regularly scheduled programming.

Copyright gives an artist, author or other creator the right to record or perform that work. It protects that individual’s work and allows him or her to receive fair compensation for his or her creation.

Recording or duplication of commercial shows (purchased programming) can be requested by administrative and teaching staff only, for educational purposes, and is subject to copyright laws.