Newport News Public Schools TV and the Telecommunications Center

SkillsUSA and No Limits logos

Three NNPS Telecom students will be competing at the SkillsUSA Virginia State Leadership Conference, which will be held in Virginia Beach April 19-21.

SkillsUSA is a career and technical student organization that Telecom students can join. The goal of SkillsUSA is to ensure that America has a skilled workforce. Students, teachers, and industry work toward that goal, mostly through conferences featuring competitions.

Telecom students have been participating in SkillsUSA conferences for over 20 years. Telecom Supervisor Ray Price and Instructor Carl Daniels Jr. are the advisors.

Since there is no district-level competition for Telecom, they move straight to the state competition.

This year, all of Telecom's SkillsUSA competitors are from Woodside High School. Senior Ethan Clinkenbeard and Junior Donovan Crowder will both compete in a job skill demonstration, but in two different competitions.

Clinkenbeard will compete in Job Skill Demonstration Open. Competitors in this category must demonstrate and explain an entry-level technical skill that is used either in the occupational area for which they are training, or outside the training area. The competitor must perform the skill and give a clear explanation of the topic using experiments, displays, or practical operations.

For his entry, Clinkenbeard will demonstrate how to use Adobe Premiere with preset effects that can be used for editing a video.

Crowder is in Job Skill Demonstration A and will demonstrate TV Camera Setup and Operation. Job Skill Demonstration A is the same as Open, except it is limited to skills that are used in the student's field of study.

Junior Chase Willett is competing in the State T-Shirt Design, which is pre-judged. He had to design a T-shirt following the required specifications, and submit it toward the end of March.

Additionally, competitors must include a narrative explaining how they came up with the design, how they created it, and why they feel it represents their state, among other things.

Willett used Adobe Illustrator for his design. The winner will be announced at the conference.

For all categories, state-level winners advance to the National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC) to compete against other state winners.

The NLSC will be held June 24–28 in Atlanta, Georgia.