Newport News Public Schools TV and the Telecommunications Center

instructor and student in TV truck

NNPS Television Production students get hands-on training as soon as classes begin, and one of the things they start with is working on a remote production using the large TV production truck.

They learn how to set up and use the portable video cameras and, inside the truck, they learn about controlling the audio, switching camera shots, and creating computer graphics for live broadcasts.

Students who are enrolled in TV-I or TV-II can join the crew and be paid to work football games and other live productions, so Remote Video Production Training is held during the first couple weeks of school.

All students are exposed to this training, and those interested can choose to apply to be on the crew.

If only a few students are available to work the game, the NNPS-TV team uses its "portable switcher," an ATEM Mini Pro from Blackmagic Design. It is easy to learn and does not require the use of the truck.

During training, students also learn the important practice of taking direction and working together as a team. On top of that, working football games means they get to experience the pressure and excitement of a live broadcast.

Telecom Supervisor Ray Price and Instructor Carl Daniels, Jr. teach the basics of TV production, demonstrate how to set up and use the video cameras, explain how to use the broadcast equipment inside the production truck, show football video clips, and instruct the students in TV production terminology and studio operations.

Telecom graduate Brandon K. Hedgepeth also assists in the training, and takes pictures for social media and the NNPS-TV website and "Studio Scene" newsletter.

Students on the crew are paid minimum wage when they work on a production. Hiring for remote production positions is based on participation in the training sessions, auditions, job performance, and work ethic.

Crew positions include:  Camera Operators, Technical Director, Character Generator, VTR/ DDR Operator (Replay), Audio Operator, ENG (Electronic News Gathering) Editor, Reporter, Announcer and Assistant Producer.

The games are broadcast live on TV and also replayed. Three games featuring all five high school teams will air on NNPS-TV this season, on Cox Channel 47 and Verizon Channel 17, Roku, and Apple TV. Games will be live-streamed on the Telecom student YouTube channel (youtube.com/@nnpstelecom) as well, and will be available on demand after the game.