Newport News Public Schools TV and the Telecommunications Center

camera operator at graduation

The Telecom TV team was super-busy in May and June, livestreaming, producing, and recording end-of-the-year ceremonies and activities.

The team covered the first-ever City of Champions student achievement and recognition event held May 24 at Todd Stadium. It was sponsored by the City of Newport News and Newport News Public Schools as an end-of-school reward for NNPS students, families, and staff. Besides food and games, the festivities included musical performances and an art display. Telecom produced the well-attended event for the large screen at the stadium and also recorded it.

Additionally, the Telecom crew recorded the NNPS Exemplary Support Staff of the Year Awards Banquet and the Salute to Success (honoring top high school students in each class and students earning four or more industry certifications), which were held in May, as well as the NNPS Retirement Banquet at the end of June.

And as always, the team covered all six high school graduations, providing the multi-cam video feed for the large video screens during the ceremonies, livestreaming them on YouTube, and recording them for replay on NNPS-TV.

The Telecom video team is made up of Telecom Supervisor Ray Price, Instructor Carl Daniels, Jr., and Broadcast Engineer Mansoor Ahmed, who lead the Telecom alumni and students on the production crew.

Graduations in particular offer great real-life, hands-on experience for students in the TV program, who work as camera operators, handle audio, or serve as technical director.

The team uses a variety of setups to cover events, generally using the large TV truck for multi-camera productions like graduation ceremonies.