Newport News Public Schools TV and the Telecommunications Center

camera operators at basketball game

NNPS Telecom covered the exciting Menchville-Woodside basketball games in late January, with a packed house full of spectators hyped about the clash between crosstown rivals.

The Telecom team livestreamed the showdown on the Student YouTube channel, and not long after the game, there were already 500 views. Livestreaming the games expands the potential audience to anyone with an internet connection, so for sports and school activities, relatives and friends from all over can "attend."

Led by Telecom Supervisor Ray Price (Producer/Director), the Telecom "stream team" included Telecom program alumni and students. Telecom grad Brandon Hedgepeth was Streaming Coordinator/Director, and fellow alumni Collin Smalls and Muriel Gamble were Camera Operators.

Telecom students Trevon Smith (Menchville junior), Fantasee Carey (Denbigh senior), and Jolyne Roldan (Heritage senior) also were Camera Operators.

Ryan Hedgepeth, a Woodside junior and brother of Brandon, handled the audio and also was a Camera Operator.

The crew used five cameras for the production, and rotated operators as necessary for breaks.

Both girls' and boys' games were covered.

NNPS-TV staff working on the crew, in addition to Price, included Instructor Carl Daniels, Jr. (Production Assistant/Camera/Director).

As per usual, Greg Bicouvaris and Nate Milton were the game announcers.

Watch the games on the Student YouTube channel.