Newport News Public Schools TV and the Telecommunications Center

For the first time ever, TV Production students at Telecom are being dual-enrolled in college — at Norfolk State University — and will earn credit for completing the classes.

It's a long-time wish that became a reality for Instructional Supervisor Ray Price, who has been working on getting the students college credit for their work for a number of years.

"I am so thankful that both administrations - Newport News Public Schools and Norfolk State University - could work together to approve this," he said.

Price began talking with NSU in July of 2011, and earlier this year, Dr. Dennis Montgomery, Director of Norfolk State University's Virginia Beach Higher Education Center, came to Telecom with applications for the students to fill out.

The dual enrollment applies to first-year (TV-I) students, who will receive credit for two Mass Communications courses - for a total of six credits.

Price hopes that next year the second-year students (TV-II) will be able to earn an additional three credits so they can graduate with nine total.

The Telecom students are excited about receiving credit for their work and knowing that what they do is equivalent to a college course. And in a time of high college costs and a tight job market, having college credit is something they know will help them in the future.