Newport News Public Schools TV and the Telecommunications Center

NNPS-TV always live broadcasts the NNPS School Board meetings, but recently the Telecom production team has started livestreaming the meetings on the Telecom student YouTube channel.

The purpose is to have a video capture of the meeting available to the public very soon after the meeting. Normally it airs live on TV and the web, but has to be uploaded and processed the next day for on-demand purposes.

The student YouTube channel can be found by going to nnpstv.com and hovering over “Students” and choosing “Student YouTube Channel,” or by searching for "nnpstelecom" on YouTube.

Visit youtube.com/nnpstelecom to go directly to the channel.

The meetings can also be seen live on television on NNPS-TV, which is on Cox Channel 47/Verizon Channel 17. Online, the live webstream of the channel is available on nnpstv.com. Additionally, meetings can be viewed via livestream on NNPS-TV's Roku and Apple TV channels or on the NNPS-TV app.

The live TV broadcasts and the Telecom student YouTube livestreams are handled by NNPS Telecom staff and a student/alumni crew. For more information on the Telecom program for NNPS juniors and seniors, visit the Students page on nnpstv.com.

For more, go to nnpstv.com/meetings.