2 camera operators in stands with camera on tripod

The recent Telecom livestreams of high school volleyball were made possible - or at least simpler - by a WiFi camcorder made by JVC.

4 TV crew members

The Telecom planets aligned at the Old Dominion University football game vs. the University of Buffalo on Saturday, September 25.

Brandon Hedgepeth

Brandon Hedgepeth, a 2020 Telecom graduate and student at Old Dominion University, is the new Telecom intern.

The next regular School Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 19, at 6:30 p.m. It will be broadcast live on NNPS-TV.

TV truck and crew

NNPS Telecom participated in the end-of-summer block party celebration at Heritage High School and Achievable Dream Middle and High School on August 28.