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"Move With Me: Yoga Adventures For Kids" is part of the "Scooter & Me" series for young viewers. Thirty-minute episodes combine social-emotional learning with creative movement, yoga, and more, to enhance physical and cognitive development.

The sessions help pre-k and elementary students develop focus, fitness, and coordination. Simple self-regulation techniques are introduced to help kids calm themselves in situations where they become emotional.

The engaging shows are divided into three subsets: For the Body, For the Mind, and For the Heart. Some topics include Strength, Balance & Concentration, Curiosity, Choices, Perseverance, and Relationships.

The series has won a Silver Telly Award, a Parent's Choice Award, a NAPPA Gold Award, and was the Creative Child Magazine DVD of the Year (2011).

Approx. 30 minutes each

Show titles:

For the Body

1. The Magic Scooter: Strength
2. Monkey Around At the Zoo: Flexibility & Appreciation
3. Possum's Tail: Balance & Concentration

For the Mind

4. Lost & Found In Africa: Character
5. Robot Makes A New Friend On The Moon: Curiosity
6. Set Sail: Choices

For the Heart

7. Tortoise, Hare & Dragon: Perseverance
8. Coral Reef: Acceptance
9. A Beautiful Dream: Relationships