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woman using sign language

"American Sign Language Made Easy" offers a step-by-step approach to learning sign language. Drills and practice exercises help increase signing ability and understanding. An encouraging host named Clarissa teaches how to sign the alphabet, numbers, colors, and many other useful things like food, transportation, and emotions.

ASL idioms and the use of proper facial expressions are also taught.

Approx. 25 minutes each

Show titles:

Learn ABCs, Numbers, Fingerspelling, Colors, Grammar Basics & Everyday Useful Signs

Learn Family, Masculine & Feminine Signs, Vocabulary & Everyday Needs

Learn Opinions, Descriptive Adjectives, Places & Transportation

Learn Food, Cooking, Days of the Week, Months & Time

Learn Classifiers, Jobs & School

Learn Animal Names!

Learn Deaf Culture, History & CODA (Children Of Deaf Adults)