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Nine-time Emmy Award winner "Into the Outdoors" aims to create environmental awareness and outdoor lifestyles that empower our next generation to become sustainable stewards of Planet Earth.

What better way to do that than through exciting family adventures?

Grade Level: Elementary, Middle school. Approximately 25 minutes per episode.

Show descriptions:

Kids Learn How To Catch Their First Catch

The first time a child catches a fish is a memorable moment, whether it is in the inner cities of Pennsylvania or in the remote National forests of Michigan. You will find out how kids can create a clear path to mapping out their own adventure, where adults still get to play key roles in planning.

Into Safe And Smart Boating (Part 1)

Drowning is as serious as it sounds, and it's a leading cause of accidental death among children. Adventure Team members Zach and Sophia plan to rent a boat and go fishing. Once they arrive at the marina, they realize they're in way over their heads. Come along as they get a crash course in boating safety education.

Into Safe And Smart Boating (Part 2)

Adventure Team member Zach puts his parents' boating safety knowledge to the test when they head out on a family fishing trip.

America’s Hunter Legacy & The Evolution of Wildlife Conservation

Explore the history of hunting in North America and the evolution of wildlife conservation, including how it’s funded through regulated hunting and fishing. Our adventure team joins wildlife biologists in the field as they investigate the science of wildlife management of two prominent species: the white-tailed deer and the American black bear.

Game Shooting

Two Into The Outdoors teens are challenged to discover and test their shooting skills using a variety of bows and arrows, then shotguns, on sporting clays in the cactus outback of Arizona. They'll get professional instruction on bow and firearm safety plus shooting techniques before their skills are tested in a shooting competition. May the top gun (or bow) win!

Amazing Eco-Trek Race

Keep up with our adventurers as they embark on one of the biggest challenges of their lives in The Amazing Eco-Trek Race. They begin a gauntlet of physical and mental tests where they are scored on how they face challenges in four environments across Wisconsin. From paddling, to caving, to archery and biking, they discover new things about their physical limitations while learning many of nature’s secrets in some wild places.

Kids Cook-off Survival Skills Against Paleo Mega-Fauna

Can you imagine living without grocery stores and instead collecting your own wild meat with just a spear against mammoths? That's what Clovis kids did 15,000 years ago. What begins as an anthropology assignment at the mammoth museum turns into a cave-man discovery cook-off where kids learn and test their "Clovis" skills for securing wild game to feed their clan.

Wild About Walleye - Learn All About Fish Biology, Master Fishing Techniques

Catching the elusive walleye is a challenge for many skilled anglers. Discover the biological secrets to finding this popular sport fish and the techniques to catch it all year round! Our youth leaders are tasked with preparing a special fish dinner for their grandparents by catching this prized fish. They must dive into fish biology, master fishing techniques, and crack myths in order to discover avenues for others to sustainably harvest this elusive fish