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man looking down into volcano

On Angry Planet, professional storm chaser George Kourounis continues his global adventure, traveling to some of the most dangerous places on Earth. But this time he's on a special assignment.

As the planet heats up, natural disasters are becoming more frequent and severe. From deadly wildfires raging across Australia to deforestation and drought in the Amazon, George experiences the most extreme forces of nature and reports back from the front lines.

For high school and above. Ten episodes. Each show is approximately 22 minutes long.

Program descriptions:

Episode 1: Rising Oceans

Sea levels worldwide continue to rise as a result of climate change, and George is heading to Tuvalu — the tiny Pacific island nation that may be the first country to be literally wiped off the map by climate change.

Episode 2: River of Doubt

Deep in the Amazon, George is determined to retrace Theodore Roosevelt’s legendary expedition and witness first-hand how deforestation and climate change are affecting one of the earth’s most critical ecosystems.

Episode 3: Cabo Verde Volcano

Off the coast of West Africa, George heads to a remote volcanic island where a river of molten lava is engulfing a mountain village. For locals, the consequences are disastrous, and it's up to George to get as close as possible to provide emergency crews with critical information.

Episode 4: Black Magic Island

Hoping to determine the effect of volcanoes on climate change, George heads to the island nation of Vanuatu where he rappels into the fiery crater of one of the world's most active volcanoes.

Episode 5: Burning Australia

George heads Down Under during fire season to see if climate change is slowly causing Australia to become uninhabitable. He joins a team of sophisticated firefighters in South Australia, but what starts as a low-intensity bush fire quickly becomes a raging inferno.

Episode 6: Melting Siberia

On his first-ever expedition to Siberia, George witnesses the alarming effect of melting permafrost, visits a 12,000-year-old dog, and camps out with reindeer herders on the chilliest night of his life.

Episode 7: Lessons From Laos

George crisscrosses Laos to witness a nation entering the modern world. He comes across ancient farming techniques, visits a conservation center that provides elephants a new way of life, explores an abandoned cave city, and paddles an underground river that holds some timely secrets.

Episode 8: Iceberg Alley

George heads to the iceberg capital of the world —Newfoundland, Canada — for an up-close look at these floating giants from above, from below, and from the very top of a frozen mountain on the move.

Episode 9: Bangladesh Monsoon

George visits Bangladesh — ground zero for climate change and literally at risk of being wiped off the map — during monsoon season, investigating how resilient and creative locals are adapting to their increasingly hostile environment.

Episode 10: Polar Bears

The world's largest land predator is under threat, and George is heading to Canada's far north to see how polar bears are coping with their rapidly changing climate.