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young aviator and airplane

A feature film and two documentaries created by Chickasaw Nation Productions tell the stories of Native American women who shared their talents and drew attention to their nation of indiginous people.

Curriculum, available for both elementary and secondary students and teachers, is free and may be downloaded at Chickasaw.net/Curriculum.

Elementary school and above. Movie is 1 hour, 46 minutes in length; documentaries approximately 30-60 minutes long.

Program descriptions:


Set in 1920s rural Oklahoma, "Pearl" is based on the remarkable true story of Chickasaw aviatrix, Pearl Carter Scott – the youngest licensed pilot in American history. Mentored by world-renowned aviator Wiley Post, Pearl first pilots a plane at the age of 12 and becomes a commercial pilot and local celebrity before she reaches adulthood. As she finds love and becomes a wife and mother, her two greatest passions collide.

"Pearl Carter Scott: On Top of The World"

"Pearl Carter Scott: On Top of The World" shares the life story of the late Pearl Carter Scott and focuses on more than her flying career. The daughter of a successful businessman in Marlow, Oklahoma, Scott was a dedicated and proud citizen of the Chickasaw Nation. The 30-minute documentary features interviews with Scott and her family members.

"Bearer of the Morning: The Life of Te Ata Thompson Fisher"

This 54-minute documentary highlights Te Ata’s extraordinary life as a Chickasaw woman with talent and passion that opened the eyes and hearts of the world to Native American culture. Te Ata’s birth coincided with the United States' efforts to dismantle tribal governments, discouraging tribal traditions and allotting collective tribal lands to individual tribal citizens. During this time of government enforced assimilation, Te Ata stood out as a voice for cultural preservation. She studied and performed traditional Native American stories, dispelling negative stereotypes and advocating the preservation of Indigenous American cultures. The documentary details how she transcended cultural and racial barriers to create a lasting legacy during a career that spanned more than 60 years.