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This animated series introduces native aboriginal folklore in a humorous and entertaining way. The characters tell the stories through the adventures of Raven, one of the most powerful deities of Native American mythology. Each episode focuses on a tale that has been adapted from the folklore of many aboriginal nations including Cree, Haida, Salish, Comanche, Navaho, and other Native American stories.

Elementary school students

13 episodes. Approx. 25 minutes each.

Program descriptions:

Raven Tales: How Raven Stole the Sun

Join Raven, Eagle, and Frog in a land before time! Together they will learn the secret that will release light and life into the world, a secret that might just burn a few feathers as well!

Raven Tales: Raven and the First People

Raven, Frog, and Eagle discover the first humans in a giant clamshell washed up on the beach. Can Raven teach these ‘people’ how to survive in this new world before they drive him crazy in the process?

Raven Tales: The Sea-Wolf

A young man named Gwai asks Frog for help with his poor fishing skills. She tells him the story of the Sea Wolf, a great creature who has lived in the sea since the time of creation.

Raven Tales: Gone Fishin’

Raven teams up with Qos and Widi to throw a fishing contest between Eagle and a mysterious giant bird called the Kulos. With all the fish in the village on the line, will Raven be able to pull off his greatest trick yet?

Raven Tales: Child of Tears

Qos and Igis are unable to have a child, so Frog tells Igis to visit Dzunakwa, an old witch who lives deep in the forest. Dzunakwa agrees to help her, and tells Igis to mix her tears together with a handful of dirt to form the shape of a little child. Dzunakwa brings it to life, and little Klundux is born! But will the children of the village accept this little child made of tears, and what terrible price shall be paid for Dzunakwa’s help?

Raven Tales: Howl at the Moon

The people of the village have been kept awake from the howling of the wolves, so they decide to send a party into the woods to flush them out. During the hunt, Wina becomes separated from the others in a sudden storm but he is rescued by a pair of mysterious strangers who nurse him back to health. After the storm, he reappears in the village and tells the stunned villagers about his new friends.

Raven Tales: Love & War

Qos asks Raven to help him win the heart of Igis, a young woman who is too vain to love anyone but herself. Raven asks Qos to collect the snow from Igis’s footprints, a tuft of her hair, and some of her old clothes to build a snowman. With a puff of his breath, Raven brings the snowman to life and names him Moowis, telling Qos that it will teach Igis the true meaning of love. But Qos is shocked when Igis falls in love with Moowis instead!

Raven Tales: Bald Eagle

One day, the Great Spirit comes to visit and asks the brothers to fly him over the world he has created. According to Eagle, the Great Spirit rewards his service with a crown of white feathers on his head, but Raven remembers a different story and tells the children what really happened…

Raven Tales: Raven and the Coyote

When Raven overhears the story of the trickster Coyote, he becomes determined to prove that he is the greatest trickster and decides to trick Coyote into trying to fly.

Raven Tales: The Rough Face Girl

After Dra is made fun of for being a girl, Frog tells her the story of Rough Face, a young girl who showed the people of her village that true beauty lies within.

Raven Tales: Raven Gets Sick

When the First People get sick for the first time, nobody understands what is happening. But then Frog arrives and tells the story of how sickness first came.

Raven Tales: The Flood

When tiny Mouse Woman warns the children of the First People that a great flood is coming, the children must convince their parents to flee to the safety of the mountain.

Raven Tales: The Gathering

After the village of the First People is devastated by the great flood, the Kulos, Sea Wolf, and Dzunakwa join the animals to help the people rebuild.