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teacher explaining math

"Outrageous Math" explores pre-algebra math concepts in a casual and often humorous fashion.

Practical demonstrations and connections to real-world applications help students with problem-solving, estimation, patterns and functions, probability, measurement and more.

An episode on riddles will help those confounded by word problems.

Hosted by instructor Rob Rowe, this series is geared toward grades 6-8.

30 episodes

Show descriptions:

Bet I Can Guess Your Color

Can You Make a Hole in One

Can You Run as Fast as a Car

Colors of States

Does Bigger Perimeter Mean Bigger Area

Fish in the Pond

How Do I Cover Thee

How Far Can You Go On a Tank of Gas

How Long to Burn

How Much Does it Cost

How Much Water Do You Waste

Is the Statue of Liberty's Nose Too Long

Larger Angles

Make an Envelope

Manhole Covers

Paper Airplane

Percentage Vote


Room at a Table

She Always Wins

Steep Ramp

Trying Combinations

What Comes Next

What's Missing

What's the Chance

What's Your Index

Which Melts Faster

Which Tastes Juicier

Which Would You Buy

Who's On First