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A Place of Our Own is designed to meet the needs of childcare providers from babysitters to mothers of young children to early care providers - anyone who cares for young children can benefit from this program.

Through advice from fellow childcare providers and experts in childcare development, A Place of Our Own teaches methods to help children acquire cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills.

This program also helps childcare providers teach children the vital first steps in reading and language development. Each program focuses on a specific topic ranging from issues of early childhood, such as temper tantrums and sibling rivalry, to adult concerns with daycare accreditation and children's health insurance.

In each episode, a panel of fellow childcare providers shares their insights and advice on how to solve the current issue, and experts advise the audience on the psychology behind children's behavior, the government standards on daycare, and effective childhood education.

The overarching goal of this program is to provide childcare providers with the tools to raise happy, healthy kindergartners.

Approx. 25 mins each episode

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Program descriptions:

A Day in the Life of a Child Care Provider

Age Appropriate Play and Learning

Ages & Stages 1 to 2 Years

Ages & Stages 2 to 3 Years

Ages & Stages 3 to 4 Years

Ages & Stages 4 to 5 Years

Ages & Stages Birth to 12 Months

At-Home Activities

Attachment & Bonding


Brain Development

Bullying Behavior

Caring for Kids with Special Needs

Child of a Different Language

Child-Proofing Your Home

Children with Special Needs

Circle of Care

Circle Time

Communicating with Parents

Computers for Learning

Coping with Traumatic Events

Creating a Positive Environment

Dental Care

Discovering Science

Earned Income Tax Credits

Importance of Art Activities

Infant Brain Development

Kids & Diabetes

Language and Speech Delays

Lead Poisoning

Learning Areas

Low-Cost Health Services

Managing Anxiety

Math Activities

Preventing Obesity

Print-Rich Environment

Reading to Different Ages

Reading to Infants

Recognizing Special Needs

Resolving Differences

Rough and Tumble Play

Safety on the Road

Sand and Water Play

Schedules for Kids of Different Ages

Science in Your Home

Second-Hand Smoke

Social Development

Social Studies

Speech & Language Delays

Stress & Your Child


A Teachable Moments

Television and Learning

Temperament in Babies & Toddlers


The Family and Medical Leave Act

The Importance of Family Literacy

The Importance of Music

The Importance of Outdoor Play

The Importance of Storytelling

Tooth Decay

Top 5 Child Care Health Issues


Universal Preschool Program

Visual Impairments

Writing Names