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The Bullying Prevention Series

No longer a simple matter of schoolyard scuffles and “boys will be boys,” bullying is now recognized as a major threat to the education of America’s young people.

bullyResearch shows that intimidation and humiliation among students involve both genders, affect young people of every background, and have become even more widespread with the help of digital technology.

This three-part series helps students and teachers identify bullying activity, confront the instigators of it, and assist the victims - with the ultimate goal of preventing bullying in all its forms. Behavior and tactics specific to boy bullies, girl bullies, and cyberbullies are discussed at length in each of the respective videos, addressing the complexity of the issues with dramatized scenarios and peer discussions.

Grade Level: Middle school and up. Approximately 20 minutes per episode.

Show descriptions:


This program is designed to prevent children and teenagers from falling victim to cyberbullying.


In this program, Dr. James Shaw, author of Jack and Jill: Why They Kill, explains how to confront and counter bullying in the nation's schools.

Bully Girls

This program focuses on increasing awareness of bullying among girls and educating viewers about how, when, and why it occurs.