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Real Jobs, Great Career Choices

Do you know what you want to do for the rest of your life? Have you thought about your dream job? Do you have any idea what it takes to get there? Not sure? Real Life 101 introduces you to real people doing real jobs. From doctors, lawyers and veterinarians to counselors, teachers and entertainers. Real Life 101 takes you on the job so you can see for yourself why these professionals love what they do. Learn about jobs you might not know even existed and the education it takes to put you in the right direction!

High School students and adults

26 episodes. Approx. 25 minutes each.

Program descriptions:

Episode 101: Maritime Attorney • Hairdresser • Deckhand

Did you know that a different set of laws apply to accidents that happen on the sea in open water? Gracey will talk with a maritime attorney and learn how he applies these laws when working with clients who want to file a case against a cruise ship or boat.

Then Shawn will visit a hair salon where he speaks with a hairdresser. He’ll learn why she chose this career and some of the skills involved in making her clients look great.

And if you think you might like a career working on yachts and ocean cruising, you’ll enjoy Gracey’s interview with a person who makes her living as a deckhand.

Episode 102: Non-Profit Director • Licensed Cruise Agent • Animal Shelter Director

Alecsa will meet the Executive Director of a non-profit organization, LIFT Orlando. He has a passion for neighborhood revitalization and empowering its residents.

Plus, Shawn will meet a licensed cruise agent and see why she loves working with her clients to ensure they have a great cruise experience. She’ll also talk about some of the perks of her job.

Then for you pet lovers, Alecsa will visit an animal shelter and talk with an animal care officer to learn about his duties and what his favorite part of the job is.

Episode 103: Prosthetic Engineer • Sales Manager • Handyman

Shawn will visit a university where he meets a prosthetic engineering student. He is part of an organization called Limitless Solutions that uses 3D printing to create prosthetic arms for children who either were born without an arm or lost one due to injury or disease.

And Gracey will talk to a sales manager for a trendy women’s clothing manufacturer and see how he gets his company’s fashions in stores and boutiques everywhere.

Finally, Shawn will introduce us to a handyman who loves working with his hands and uses his skills to maintain and repair his customers’ homes.

Episode 104: Urogynecologist • Farm Production Manager • Corrections Officer

Most people have heard of urologists and gynecologists. Alecsa will make an office visit to see a doctor who combines both specialties of medicine in her profession as an urogynecologist.

And with the growing popularity of organic foods, we sent Shawn to talk with a production manager of a large citrus farm where he learns about growing organic crops.

Then Alecsa finds herself in the county jail. Don’t worry - she didn’t do anything wrong. She’s there to talk with a corrections officer and learn about his duties and how he works with the inmates.

Episode 105: Radiation Oncologist • Salvation Army Area Commander • Digital Artist

Alecsa will start us off at the hospital where she meets with a radiation oncologist. She learns how he uses advances in medicine and technology to treat cancer patients.

Did you know The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 in England? Shawn talks to an area commander and gets some insight into the international organization, its mission and opportunities available.

What happens when you merge the talents of an artist with the technology of a computer? Alecsa will find out when she meets up with a digital artist.

Episode 106: Field Reporter • Dental Hygienist • Teacher

Have you been wondering about what our field reporter, Alecsa is really like? Well, wonder no more because Shawn is going to start off the show interviewing Alecsa. We’ll get to know both of them better!

Then, Alecsa will take it from there and introduce us to a dental hygienist. We’ll see how this is a job that works well for someone who wants a career in the dental field and wants a flexible schedule as well.

Plus, Alecsa will visit the classroom of a second grade teacher and learn why she is passionate about her career teaching young children and making a difference in their lives.

Episode 107: Artist • CFO, COO and Deputy Director • School Resource Officer

Alecsa is going to start us out by introducing us to an artist who uses her talent to design and market beautiful greeting cards, adult coloring books and more unique creations.

We’ll also meet a woman who is the CFO, COO and deputy director of a non-profit organization. What is that, you ask? You’ll have to wait and see.

Plus, we’ll meet a woman who wanted both a career in law enforcement and one working with kids at a school. She found her niche as a school resource officer.

Episode 108: Hedge Fund Manager • Basketball Referee • Non-Profit Creator

Wonder what a hedge fund is? Alecsa will find out when she speaks to a hedge fund manager. She’ll learn that it takes more than financial knowledge to successfully manage people’s investments.

Then, if you’re into basketball, you’ll want to see our second career. Shawn meets up with an NCAA basketball referee and learns how he got his job and what goes into officiating college games.

Finally, Alecsa will meet a woman who, after she lost her husband at a young age, realized she had a gift to offer of herself. She started a non-profit organization to empower other widows.

Episode 109: Character Artist • Nail Technician • Hotel/Restaurant Inspector

Alecsa will meet a character artist who designed some of the famous Disney merchandise you see in stores and at the Disney parks and resorts. You’ll want to see what he’s doing now.

And we’ll also meet another type of artist when Shawn visits a nail technician and learns how she uses her steady hand to make people’s fingers and toes beautiful.

Or maybe you’d rather have a job where you get paid to eat and travel. Alecsa will talk with a AAA hotel and restaurant inspector and see if his job is all that one would imagine.

Episode 110: IRS Special Agent • Massage Therapist • Wildlife Trapper

Shawn will meet a woman who is a Special Agent for IRS Criminal Investigation. Her job is to catch people involved in financial crimes such as money laundering and tax fraud.

Then, Alecsa will talk to a licensed massage therapist and learn how massage is not just for relaxation but is also beneficial to healing.

The thought of catching an alligator doesn’t appeal to most people – especially women. But, Alecsa met up with a woman who loves the thrill and excitement involved in her job as a wildlife trapper.

Episode 111: General Dentist • Engineers • Inventor

Alecsa will start us off at the dentist’s office where she speaks with a general dentist. She learns what he spends most of his time doing and why he loves working with families.

Developments in engineering are happening at warp speed. Shawn will learn about what’s hot in the engineering field and how advances impact so many aspects of our world.

And Alecsa will meet with an inventor who created a safer type of skateboard. He’ll give her an introduction into the process of inventing a product and getting it on the market.

Episode 112: Sound Designer • Volleyball Coach • High School Counselor

Shawn starts us out by meeting up with a sound designer. We’ll hear about how he integrates music, sound and effects into films, TV and plays. It makes a world of difference in the finished production!

Then Alecsa will visit a university and speak with the head volleyball coach where we’ll learn that coaching involves a lot more than teaching volleyball skills.

Then, we’ll find out about the different skills needed to guide students not only academically and career wise but also socially and personally when Alecsa talks with a high school counselor.

Episode 113: Audubon Society Education Manager • HVAC Technician • Child Therapist

Did you know there is a place that protects and treats injured birds of raptor? Alecsa will visit a Birds of Prey center and learn how they rescue and rehab some amazing bird species.

We don’t appreciate our furnace or air conditioner until it doesn’t work. Alecsa will visit an HVAC technician and learn about jobs and skills needed to keep people’s HVAC systems running smoothly.

There are many mental and emotional factors that can interfere with a child’s happiness and well-being. Shawn will meet a child therapist and learn how she helps little ones dealing with various issues.

Episode 114: Infectious Disease Specialist • UPS Driver • Fashion Boutique Owner

Sometimes, illnesses become a real mystery for doctors. Alecsa will meet an infectious disease specialist whose job is to diagnose and treat rare and complex conditions.

We see their big brown trucks everywhere delivering packages to doorsteps. Alecsa learns what it takes to be a UPS driver and package handler.

Trendy boutiques are popping up everywhere. Alecsa will visit one and learn how they serve their clientele in a more personal way than the big department stores and what it takes to be a fashion boutique owner.

Episode 115: Pet Groomer • Pharmacist

We’re going to start the show with our new host, Helena. She’ll meet an award winning pet groomer and learn how she transforms dirty dogs into beautifully groomed pooches.

Then we’re going to get to know Helena as she sits down to chat with Shawn for a few minutes. I think you’ll love her as much as we do!

Finally, Shawn will meet up with a neighborhood pharmacist and learn that her skills include a lot more than knowledge of the drugs she dispenses.

Episode 116: Meteorologist • Catering Chef

Shawn will visit a TV station where he meets with a meteorologist and learns how he predicts the weather so people can plan for the day and week ahead.

Last week, Shawn got to chat with our new host, Helena. Today, we’ll turn the tables as Helena talks to Shawn and finds out what makes him tick!

Do you love cooking and making up your own recipes? If so, stay tuned because Shawn is going to talk with a catering chef and learn how he keeps developing his yummy new creations!

Episode 117: Public Relations Specialist • Cartographer • Horse Trainer

Helena will talk with a public relations specialist whose company has the important job of keeping her city informed on traffic and road conditions … especially as they undergo the biggest infrastructure project in America!

In addition to being updated on traffic conditions, we also need to know how to get places. Shawn will meet a cartographer who will share with us how his career in mapmaking has evolved over the years.

Then Helena will take us back in time to the middle ages and visit a man who cares for and trains the horses at a popular dinner theatre. Sounds like a fun job!

Episode 118: Music Composer • Agronomist • Cake Baker

Shawn will start us off in the studio of a music composer and see how he enhances the production of films, video games and even amusement park rides with his original compositions.

Then, Helena will visit a greenhouse at a large agricultural company where she will meet a grower. She learns that there is a lot of science and technology that goes into growing healthy plants and crops.

Plus, Shawn will talk with a baker who started a cake bakery where she uses her artistic talents making beautiful and creative cakes for weddings and other memorable events.

Episode 119: Financial Advisor • Audiologist • Bio-Energetic Practitioner & Wellness Consultant

Individual people aren’t the only ones who need advice on how to invest their savings. Helena will meet a financial advisor who specializes in working with schools and government institutions to invest their cash reserves.

Imagine what life would be like if you couldn’t hear or if you were dizzy all the time. Shawn will visit an audiologist who shares with him how she tests for and treats both hearing and balance disorders.

Alternative health careers are becoming increasingly popular. Helena will introduce us to a bio-energetic practitioner and wellness consultant and learn what she does to get her clients on the path to good health.

Episode 120: Simulation Trainer • Medieval Knight Entertainer • Event Designer

Shawn will learn how simulation is also used in many areas such as training doctors, nurses, pilots and people in government and many other industries.

Then, you’re in for a treat as Helena takes us to a castle and talks to a medieval knight. He sure has a cool career jousting and entertaining audiences!

Plus, Shawn will meet up with an event designer who works with clients to ensure their catered wedding reception or corporate event is what they envisioned.

Episode 121: STEM Industry CEO • Phlebotomist • Agricultural Lab Manager

Advances in the STEM industry are making our lives more efficient. Helena will meet the CEO of BRIDG, a large new facility that takes innovative technology ideas and turns them into reality.

Do you know what a phlebotomist is? We’ll find out when Shawn talks with one in the lab where she works. Hint – you can’t be afraid of needles or the sight of blood to do this job!

The Agricultural Biotechnology industry is changing. Helena will take us to a lab where the manager talks to her about how plant tissues are cloned and grown in baby food jars.

Episode 122: Mechanical Engineer • Nano-Technology Engineer • Drone Pilot

The engineering field has an abundance of fascinating career opportunities. Shawn will introduce us to a mechanical engineer whose job is to control the acoustics in buildings using tools that test noise along with her math and physics skills.

Then, Helena will meet a program engineer who specializes in the science of nanotechnology to make new electronics and devices a fraction of the size they were just a few years ago.

Plus, Shawn will meet up with a drone pilot and see how unmanned aerial vehicles are replacing helicopters and making it much simpler to shoot aerial video for TV shows.

Episode 123: Actress • Genetic Counselor • Home Health Aide

Breaking into an acting career isn’t easy. Helena will talk with an actress and see how she has found her niche in this highly competitive industry.

And Shawn will meet a genetic counselor and hear how she works with couples to evaluate their risks of having babies with various birth defects.

Plus Helena will visit a home health aide and learn how she assists her elderly clients with their daily needs and the difference she makes in their lives.

Episode 124: Biomedical Scientist • Pastor • Police Officer

New discoveries are being made in health and biology on a regular basis. Shawn will meet up with a biomedical scientist who will introduce him to his fascinating career studying viruses and immunities.

Than Helena will go to a church where the pastor will speak with her about what inspired him to enter the ministry and how he works daily with the church’s members.

Hostage situations are never taken lightly. Shawn will meet a police officer who specializes in negotiating the safe release of hostages and victims from a captor.

Episode 125: Victim’s Advocate • Respiratory Therapist • Judicial Law Clerk

Helena will talk with a victim’s advocate and hear how she provides needed support to victims of crime so they can get through the traumatic period following the crime.

Then Shawn will visit a children’s hospital where he meets a respiratory therapist. He’ll learn about the some of the treatments he uses to help his patients breathe freely.

It is important that judges make the best decision on a case. Helena will talk with an attorney who assists a judge by researching the law as a judicial law clerk.

Episode 126: Cardiac Intensive Care Nurse • Coast Guard Jobs • Photographer/Videographer

Shawn will meet a cardiac intensive care nurse and get some insight into the challenges she faces and rewards she receives working with her pediatric patients.

Then Helena will talk with a Coast Guard recruiter and learn about some of the exciting career opportunities available and what it takes to get into this branch of the military.

And for those of you who love shooting videos, stick around for Shawn’s interview with a chief photographer/videographer from a TV station. He’ll tell Shawn how he captures the videos that tell the story of the day’s news.