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For students setting out to learn English, they'll get to experience English as it's spoken and used correctly worldwide. For native English speakers, this series will help students brush up on their language, communication, and grammar skills.

Approx. 20-30 minutes each

Show descriptions:

1. 26 Letters of the Alphabet

This lesson teaches an introduction to the alphabet and the sounds and names of the letters, consonants and vowels. We also look at the negative verb "to be, " "I am not," "you are not," "he is not," and a question form of the verb "to be, " "am I" "are you, " "is he."

2. Regular and Irregular Verbs

This lesson teaches vocabulary, Nouns (people, places, things) Regular & Irregular Verbs, Identifiers (this/that/those) and Prepositions.

3. Voiced and Voiceless Sounds

This lesson teaches voiced & voiceless sounds, present simple tense sentences, questions, negative statements, present simple tense practice sentences, present simple - do - does, contractions.

4. Countable and Uncountable Nouns

This lesson teaches countable and uncountable nouns, present continuous tense, times, dates & numbers, review of consonants and vowels and a review of articles.

5. Spelling Rules and Forming Sentences

This lesson teaches Spelling Rules, (using i after e, dropping the final e, changing a final y to i, add es, doubling a final consonant - ing, ed). Review of Verbs, Nouns, Pronouns, Upper/lower case, Identifiers, Present simple tense, Present continuous tense, Vowels & Consonants, Prepositions of Place, Forming Sentences.