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Dive into the incredible world of the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem. This educational series explores the lives of watery critters and their surroundings, from super-sighted shrimp to trash-eating tiger sharks, thriving as a whole in a web of life. We see how they defend themselves, get around, interact, obtain food and shelter, and much, much more.

Fast-paced and comical, Barney’s Barrier Reef will entertain and inform.

Approx. 30 minutes each

Program descriptions:

A to B, Locomotion!

How do sensational sea creatures get from A to B? From walking sharks to hitchhiking shrimps and squids with jet propulsion, when it comes to journeying around, this ocean lot has ways of moving that are cool, wacky and downright jaw-droppingly awesome.

Best Friends Forever

The ocean world is full of fantastic fishy friendships, but just like for humans, some friends are better than others and some friends you could do without! From the coziest couples to the most peculiar pairings, these friendships are super strong because often these mates need each other to survive in the fish-eat-fish world of the Barrier Reef. The fancy term is symbiotic relationship.

Conmen, Survival Tricks

The crafty creatures of the Barrier Reef know that deep in the ocean depths they need some cool confidence tricks to stay alive. From the decorator crab to the sneaky snake eel, these conmen know they need to trick or be tricked. But how far do they go to stay alive?

Coral Careers For A Healthy Ecosystem

Coral reefs are the cities of the reef — thriving, busy places where our fishy friends live, eat and hang out. And just like in any other communities, they have to work too. Everyone has a job to do, from ocean public transport to cleaning and building, or even waste disposal. That is how an ecosystem works.

Family Ties

We find out about family ties under the sea in Australia's Barrier Reef. We encounter spoiled children and the best and worst parents, not to mention some seriously extreme sibling rivalry!

Food, Glorious Food

Meet the veggies and meat eaters, lone diners and pack hunters, and find the weird and wonderful connections that link them all together into one fishy family.

Freak or Unique

The Great Barrier Reef is home to some of the most beautiful, colorful and deadly animals on the planet, and certainly some of the strangest! From the bizarre to the hair-raising to the downright disgusting, these underwater creatures really know how to shock. But each feature serves a purpose.


Deep down in these watery depths there are hitmen around every corner. From boxing shrimps to chomping sharks, not to mention a deadly shell with a poisonous spear, it's hit or be hit with these creepy critters, so get ready for some horrible hitmen!

Home Sweet Home

Everyone needs a place to call their own, and the Barrier Reef gang is no different. There's no place like home for the spectacular sea creatures in Barney's Barrier Reef.

I See You Baby

Meet the bunch of crazy creatures that possess really awesome eyesight. From super-sighted shrimps to multi-eyed jellyfish, these guys are incredible!

Night Shift, Sleepless In The Sea

The Barrier Reef is brilliantly beautiful by day, scarily spooky by night. The reef comes alive with a whole new gang of crazily connected creepy critters. It's night shift time for Barney and Gemma, who delve into the deep dark waters to find out who works really hard in the hours of darkness.

Not Just A Fashion Victim, Functional Fashion

In the ocean world, fish fashion counts and there is no such thing as one size fits all. Deep down in the watery depths, there are patterns and outfits to suit everyone. Join Barney and Gemma on the barrier reef catwalk to find out why our fishy friends are certainly not just fashion victims. They take functional fashion to a whole new level.

Reef Games

The sea is full of sporting talent — there are sprinters, jumpers, and even some gymnasts in this ocean arena. But which of our fit fishy friends will fall at the first hurdle and which will win the gold medal? On your marks, get set – swim! It is time for our reef games to begin.

The Reef’s Got Talent

Simon Coral and Danni Mantaray search for creatures that have the fishy factor. Simon and Danni cast their net wide to find the most spectacular seaworthy skills in Australia's Barrier Reef.

Sea Trek, Navigating the Oceans

We meet yet another amazing ocean line-up. These guys and gals really know how to get around underwater and can travel enormous distances using their amazing navigational skills and super senses. Join Barney and Gemma for a sensational Sea Trek!


This episode investigates the sensational creatures living in Australia's Barrier Reef. From super smell to incredible eyesight, not to mention amazing skin sensations, there are some spectacular senses in this Aussie ocean!

Slime, Snot, and Guts

Meet the snottiest, slimiest and most gut-wrenching gang of the reef. From snot sleeping bags to slime-munching babies, in this watery world, snot, slime and guts are crucial to animal survival.


Barney Harwood and Gemma Hunt dive down under to discover yet more crazy connections in the wonderful world of Australia's beautiful-but-bizarre barrier reef, and join some floppy fishy friends who are stunningly and spectacularly spineless!

Take My Breath Away

Journey down under to discover the brilliantly beautiful and bizarre world of the Barrier Reef, and meet creatures connected by weird ways of breathing. From wobble bodies to deep diving dolphins and even snorkeling trees, this show will certainly take your breath away!

Waste Not, Want Not

This episode meets extreme recyclers in the Barrier Reef. Nothing goes to waste in this ocean — from snot-guzzling parrotfish to poo-cleaning cucumbers, not to mention the waste disposal tiger shark, everyone here is keen to be green!