Newport News Public Schools TV and the Telecommunications Center

Recording or duplication of commercial shows (purchased programming) can be requested by NNPS administrative and teaching staff only, for educational purposes, and is subject to copyright laws.

Locally produced programming can be duplicated by request. This service is not limited to teachers and school staff, but there will be a charge for it for the public.

Use this form to request purchase of a locally produced DVD: DVD Purchase Request Form

Teachers, please contact your librarian for off-air recording and duplication of commercial programs.

Off-Air Recording:

Recording from cable or satellite requires permission from the owner. Please make sure the right to record is clear before requesting this service. Recording services for commercial shows (purchased programming) are available only to administrative and teaching staff. Parents and students are not covered by these services. Please provide the requested information two weeks in advance of air date.

Duplication of Programs

Duplication of a program requires adherence to established copyrights. Please make sure these rights are clear before requesting this service.