Newport News Public Schools TV and the Telecommunications Center

WTKR photojournalist Derick Miracle

A 2019 NNPS/Telecom graduate is making a career for himself in the television news industry. Derick Miracle, who spent two years in the Telecom program and graduated from Woodside High School, recently joined WTKR News 3 in Norfolk as a photojournalist.

After high school, Miracle continued his studies in college, attending Old Dominion University and majoring in Communication, with a concentration in Film and TV Production.

Gaining TV production experience in college was nearly impossible for him, though, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the requisite social distancing and online-only learning.

Thankfully he was able to work on some NNPS-TV productions like NNPS high school graduations and Christopher Newport University's commencement ceremonies during that time. He also worked on productions as a Telecom student, like high school football games and CNU's 2019 commencement.

Miracle graduated from ODU early, in December of 2022.

The day before graduation, he applied for a photojournalist position at WTKR. He was called in for an interview, shadowed a photojournalist, and also met with the news director before being hired for the job.

His duties as a photojournalist include filming and editing the news stories for the day.

"Sometimes I work with reporters, sometimes I shoot my own stories," he said in an email.

He uses Final Cut editing software to edit the news stories.


Fun Fact: Miracle sometimes works on a story with fellow NNPS/Telecom grad WTKR Reporter Kelsey Jones.


Miracle loves the welcoming and team-oriented atmosphere at WTKR.

"Everyone is very open, helping, and friendly," he said. "They want you to succeed and do well." 

Miracle says he joined Telecom in high school because he was curious to see what kind of opportunities would come from it. 

"Working with Mr. Price and Mr. Daniels was fun, and helped me learn a lot," he said.

He was a member of the Telecom student crew, usually working as the technical director, operating the switcher for the multi-camera productions.

"That position was a lot of fun," he said, "and you get to see the entire production come together. The audio, cameras, graphics, instant replays for games, it all comes through the switcher."

"Working as a student crew member for productions gave me a little insight into the field," he continued. "The projects we worked on and the support we got through class made it feel easier to learn."

"But the best part would probably be how even after I graduated, Mr. Price and Mr. Daniels still look out for me, and check in on me," Miracle said. 

Miracle's advice for students interested in working in the TV production/broadcasting industry?

"Make sure this is a field you want to be in. It’s a fun field, but it can and will be stressful. Timelines and deadlines are strict, but communication is key. Work with your team, and learn all you can," he said.

Miracle stressed the importance of always learning and improving, because the rewards are worth it.

"When you get to see something you made air on TV, it’s a satisfying feeling you can be proud of," he said.