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NNPS-TV has acquired new programming that began airing in January.

Three new series will be part of the regular lineup on NNPS-TV, Cox Channel 47 and Verizon Fios 17. Shows about American Sign Language, exploring and understanding the planet, and health and fitness for kids are the latest educational programs available on the channel.

"American Sign Language Made Easy" offers a step-by-step approach to learning sign language. Drills and practice exercises help increase signing ability and understanding. An encouraging host named Clarissa teaches how to sign the alphabet, numbers, colors, and many other useful things like food, transportation, and emotions.

ASL idioms and the use of proper facial expressions are also taught.

Some of the titles include: Learn ABCs, Numbers, Fingerspelling, Colors, Grammar Basics and Everyday Useful Signs; Learn Family, Masculine & Feminine Signs, Vocabulary and Everyday Needs; and Learn Classifiers, Jobs and School.

"1000 Days For The Planet" explores our planet's biodiversity and the fact that life on earth is disappearing at an unprecedented rate. In Season 2, the oceanographic schooner Sedna IV travels to the heart of the Pacific Ocean to investigate the major environmental issues facing the region.

Follow the voyage and meet island dwellers who depend on nature for their livelihoods, as well as the scientists working to protect the environment.

A fascinating scientific exploration, "1000 Days For The Planet" has 12 episodes, starting with "Global Climate Disruption." Other episodes cover species such as Komodo dragons, sperm whales, Sumatran elephants, and gibbons - and the threats they are facing.

Illegal and destructive practices such as blast fishing and cyanide fishing, climate change, and the destruction of tropical forests are some of the topics covered.

"1000 Days For The Planet" is the project of world-renowned scientist and UN Ambassador for the Environment, Jean Lemire, who explores the world from his 50-foot sailboat, the Sedna IV, revealing to viewers the beauty and challenges of our world.

"Move With Me: Yoga Adventures For Kids" is part of the "Scooter & Me" series for young viewers. Thirty-minute episodes combine social-emotional learning with creative movement, yoga, and more, to enhance physical and cognitive development.

The sessions help pre-k and elementary students develop focus, fitness, and coordination. Simple self-regulation techniques are introduced to help kids calm themselves in situations where they become emotional.

The engaging shows are divided into three subsets: For the Body, For the Mind, and For the Heart. Some topics include Strength, Balance & Concentration, Curiosity, Choices, Perseverance, and Relationships.

The series has won a Silver Telly Award, a Parent's Choice Award, a NAPPA Gold Award, and was the Creative Child Magazine DVD of the Year (2011).


NNPS-TV can be seen on Cox Channel 47, Verizon Fios 17, and via livestream on Roku and Apple TV, and on the NNPS-TV app.

The webstream may be seen online at nnpstv.com.

There is also a livestream on the NNPS-TV video site.

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