Newport News Public Schools TV and the Telecommunications Center

NNPS-TV has earned three new awards - Viddy Awards - for exemplary school-related videos.

The videos created for Newport News Public Schools include two episodes of NNPS-TV's weekly news show, "This Just In," and a "School Board Spotlight," which airs during the monthly School Board meeting.

According to their website, the Viddy Awards was founded in 1995 as the Videographer Awards. Its goal was to "honor excellence in all aspects of video production."

It is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

The award statuette, which formerly was in the form of a movie-set clapperboard, has been newly designed to go with the new name.

The NNPS-TV team received three awards in two categories. The categories come under three main types of videos: Non-Broadcast; Broadcast, Cable, and Subscription TV; and Commercials. Some of the categories under those headers include: Long Form Videos > 3 Minutes, Marketing/Advertising Campaigns, YouTube/Vimeo, Social Media Videos, and Short Form Web Videos.

NNPS-TV won in the Broadcast/Cable/Subscription TV Programs category, as well as the Non-Broadcast Long Form Videos > 3 Minutes category.

The two "This Just In" episodes, #655 from September 12, 2022, and #661 from October 24, 2022, won in the Broadcast/Cable/Subscription TV Programs category. The first show features Palmer Elementary's 50-Year Anniversary Celebration, Jenkins Elementary Principal Antoine Bethea, and Support Your School; and the second one had stories about the CNU and NNPS Community Captains program, Woodside High's Level Up Block Party, and a report entitled NNPS Graduation Rate Increases.

The team's "School Board Spotlight: October 2022" won in the Non-Broadcast Long Form Videos > 3 Minutes, in the sub-category Video Created for Live Event (School Board Meeting).

All three awards were Gold awards.

The NNPS-TV production team, which is made up of Station Manager and "This Just In" host Jim Anklam, Producer Nik Long, and Production Specialist Aaron Moore, created the videos.

How to watch NNPS-TV

Watch informative school-related shows, as well as educational programming, on NNPS-TV Cox Channel 47 or Verizon Fios Channel 17, via livestream on Roku or Apple TV, or online at nnpstv.com/webstream. You can download the NNPS-TV app from your app store. On-demand videos can be found at video.nnpstv.com or on our YouTube Channel. Also check out the Student YouTube Channel for livestreams of School Board meetings, sports, and more.