Newport News Public Schools TV and the Telecommunications Center

video camera, instructor, student, TV truck
Telecom Instructor Carl Daniels, Jr. speaks with a student at the career fair. The TV truck was parked just outside.

NNPS Telecom participated in Menchville High School's career fair held in early November. The event took place in the evening and many students and parents attended to peruse the various companies, schools, healthcare systems, public safety agencies, and military branches that were represented.

Telecom staff manned an information booth in the gym, and parked right outside was the remote TV production truck. Interested students could go inside the truck to see the equipment used by Telecom students when broadcasting live events like football or high school graduations.

In the gym, the team set up cameras and tripods at their booth to give students an idea of what the TV classes are all about.

Telecom Supervisor Ray Price and Broadcast Engineer Mansoor Ahmed showed visitors the truck and the TV equipment inside it, while Instructor Carl Daniels, Jr. and Telecom grad/crew member Brandon Hedgepeth talked with students visiting the booth.

One thing that was most interesting to students visiting the Telecom booth and the TV truck: technology. The high-tech gear and the fantastic broadcasting capabilities were what most visitors stopping by wanted to hear about. The Telecom reps were happy to tell them about learning TV/video production and joining the crew, as well as job opportunities in the industry.

Students and parents alike were interested in the fact that students earn college credit for the TV classes. The students also liked the idea of joining the crew and being paid to work on productions.

people with TV equipment
Left: Telecom grad/crew member Brandon Hedgepeth sets up in the gym. Right: Telecom Supervisor Ray Price talks with a student inside the TV truck.