kids pose in front of TV truck

NNPS students taking part in the 21st Century academic/youth development program summer camp were treated to a tour of the Telecommunications Center in late July.

Telecom Supervisor Ray Price led the tour, showing the students the Telecom building, the control room, the large studio, and the remote TV production truck, too.

In the studio, Price had set up the Sports Highlights set so the visitors could sit at the desk on a real TV set and get the feel of being in front of the TV cameras. The students enjoyed pretending to work on the show, handling the cameras, and having their photos taken.

The children also were able to go into the large remote TV production truck and see the top-notch broadcasting and recording equipment inside. The truck is used for live and recorded NNPS-TV productions like high school football, graduations, and special events.

The students on the tour are rising seventh and eighth graders from Hines, Huntington, Crittenden and Passage middle schools.  The summer camp was held at Gildersleeve Middle School, so the children were able to walk to the Telecommunications Center for the tour.

The kids and adult chaperones alike were impressed by the facility, the truck, and the Telecom program, which offers TV/video production classes to NNPS high school juniors and seniors.

Dr. Rhonda Ross, 21st Century Site Coordinator for the summer camp, said the tour was "phenomenal."

21st Century is a VDOE program that partners with community agencies to support academic proficiency and social/emotional development of students. It is run through Alternatives, Inc., which is located on Ft. Monroe.

According to Ross, the theme of the summer camp this year was "Lights! Camera! Action!" and had to do with the idea that "all the world's a stage" and that we are always in action.

They decided that a tour of the NNPS-TV station would be an appropriate and rewarding field trip, "and we were so right!" Ross said.