Newport News Public Schools TV and the Telecommunications Center

Full Sail U. arch and building

NNPS Telecom has joined forces with Full Sail University, becoming part of their high school partnership program.

Full Sail University offers degrees related to entertainment, arts, media, and technology. Degree programs include Film and Television, Music and Recording, Media and Communications and more. It is located in Winter Park, FL, though a majority of students attend exclusively online.

The High School Partnership Program, which is by invitation only, aims to enhance the development of future entertainment and media professionals. Through it, Telecom students will have access to insights into the industry with interactive classroom experiences, guest lectures and the like. Scholarship opportunities are another benefit of the program.

Telecom Supervisor Ray Price has experience with Full Sail University in that his daughter RaJeana was a film student there. She graduated as the valedictorian of her class in 2007 and currently works in video production in Wisconsin.

"She had the opportunity to do really great projects there," Price said, "including opening the door for a project with Kanye West."

"We've had about 10 of our graduates go there," Price added.

High School Partnership Program Manager Joel Pickering, who had visited Telecom a couple years ago, reached out to Price about the partnership program.

NNPS Superintendent Dr. George Parker, III signed off on it, and the partnership became official in late 2021.

The Gateway Scholarship for High School Seniors awards eligible candidates up to $15,000 toward their Full Sail education. It is available to students who have taken specialized course tracks at a high school recognized by Full Sail University's High School Partnership Program.


Full Sail University's High School Partnership Program

This program was developed to support distinguished high schools focusing on career and technical pathways within the entertainment, media, arts, and technology industries.

Educators in Full Sail University's High School Partnership Program emphasize a creative community through project-based learning, an innovative use of technology, and focused curricula to help students pursue their dreams.