The NNPS Telecommunications Center on Minton Drive will be closed for about three months this summer.

Starting in June, the building will be closed so workers can install a new HVAC system. The current system is the same one that was installed when the Telecommunications Center was first created in 1986, and it now needs to be completely replaced.

The five separate heating/cooling units will be replaced with one large one and all the ductwork must be redone. Because the ductwork runs throughout the building, every room will be affected and must be vacated. Hence, the nine employees who work there will shift back to working from home, something they mastered during the COVID-19 pandemic and school shutdown.

In the meantime, outdated and unneeded equipment is being discarded and other items are being packed up to store during the renovations. Employees can bring home their computers and the equipment they need to do their jobs.

Earlier this year, in preparation for the project, a large amount of "dead" cable was removed from within the building's walls and ceilings.

One large tree at the back of the building will be removed to make room for the new system.

During the closure, the studios and the headend (the room with the broadcast equipment/TV signal) will be functional. Auxiliary cooling systems will be in place to protect the equipment.

The temporary systems, however, usually are noisy, which means recording in the studio may be a challenge. Weekly show "This Just In" may go back to being recorded at the home of host Jim Anklam, who is the NNPS-TV station manager, although that poses its own challenges, like neighbors doing yard work or other street noises arising at inopportune times.

"You gotta be fast," said Anklam, about getting the recording done when there is a quiet moment.

If all goes well with the installation, the building will re-open by the end of August, in time to prepare for Telecom students to return in September.

For parents and others wishing to purchase graduation DVDs, payment can be made in-person up to June, and after that, it can be mailed. The keepsake DVDs will be mailed out once they are produced, which is expected to be at the end of August.