student flies simulator

The NNPS-TV production team aims high when producing school-related videos, and that's especially true for a video they recently completed. It showcases NNPS's Aviation Academy, which is Denbigh High School's magnet program.

The rigorous academic and technological program focuses on piloting, aircraft maintenance, engineering, computers and electronics, and aviation security/safety.

Dr. Aaron Smith, Aviation Academy Program Director, wanted to promote the program virtually due to COVID-19 in-person gathering limitations, so he asked NNPS-TV to produce the video.

The project was already in the works, since a teacher at the Aviation Academy had already contacted NNPS-TV about creating a promo about a year ago. Aerospace Tech and Digital Electronics teacher Nicole Edwards reached out to NNPS-TV Producer Nik Long, who agreed to make the video.

The team had started on a script and was gathering footage, but was interrupted when the Aviation Academy moved from the airport to Denbigh High. A lot of the footage they had was no longer accurate since the setting had changed.

The project was resurrected when schools had to rely on virtual teaching and communication due to the coronavirus lock-down. The Aviation Academy has an open house every year in December, and it had to be held virtually this year.

So the need for the promo was greater, and the NNPS-TV production team went to work. They couldn't get a lot of new footage, though, since the new site was not fully functional yet and also there were no students there to include in the video. The team had to combine the older footage with new footage of the empty facility. They did shoot the interviews with students in the new building.

According to Long, he wrote the script in a way that focused more on "what the students were working on, rather than where they were doing it."

"Even though the Aviation Academy has changed locations, the methods of learning, goals of the program, and student engagement hasn’t changed," Long continued. "It’s just that they have a nicer, newer facility to accomplish all of these goals."

Part of the promo video does show off the new facility of course, but without students present.

Long and NNPS-TV Station Manager Jim Anklam conducted and recorded the student interviews after scouting the site the day before. Scouting allows them to know what rooms to shoot in based on ambient sounds, HVAC noise, and background aesthetics.

"We used a mike stand and shotgun mike so we didn’t have to get close to the students," Long said, describing how they "social distanced" during the shoot. The students took off their masks just for the actual taping.

An Aviation Academy student is interviewed by NNPS-TV Station Manager Jim Anklam for the promotional video.
Photo: Courtesy Roland Noel/Denbigh High School

The students who spoke on camera and for the voiceover were selected by Dr. Smith.

NNPS-TV Production Specialist Aaron Moore edited the video. He used the interviews, NNPS-TV footage from the Aviation Academy (both sites), and aviation-themed stock footage to highlight tech education and career pathways, which is the basis of the program.

The promo video will help inspire prospective aviation students to spread their wings and reach for their highest goals.