Title screen with teenager at computer

NNPS-TV is producing new videos offering tips for families with students doing online school during the COVID-19 lock-down. NNPS students have been learning from home for the first nine weeks of the semester, and will continue for the time being.

The new series, "Family Tips For Virtual Learning," was created when Extended Learning Administrator Dr. Reggie Alston asked NNPS-TV to make a video for families about tips and ideas for virtual learning success.

It started as a short PSA, but as the production team started developing the script, they found it would need to be longer.

"We realized there is WAY too much info to squeeze into one 60-second announcement," said NNPS-TV Producer Nik Long.

So the team decided to make it a series of videos, with each video being about one minute long.

The first one has to do with creating an effective learning space for students.  The second video covers the importance of moving and exercising between Zoom classes. 

Many future episodes are already planned.

See "Family Tips For Virtual Learning" videos on YouTube

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