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Telecom students receive NASA recognition

Telecom students receive NASA recognition

eClips logoTelecom students were recognized for the work they have done with NASA for the past year: helping produce educational videos called "Spotlite videos" and "SME2's," which are part of NASA's eClips™ web series.

According to NASA's website, eClips "are short, relevant educational video segments ... [that] inspire and engage students, helping them see real world connections."

Telecom students journalism school
Telecom students pose at Hampton University's journalism school.
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Spotlite videos educate students about a specific scientific term. Telecom students also work on SME2's, which feature a subject-matter expert in the field of science. The videos are 90- to 120-seconds long and are designed to increase scientific literacy.

The project is part of grant that expanded a multimedia educational program, also called NASA eClips, which was developed by the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) in 2008.

All Telecom students work on these videos.

On April 20, Telecom students were recognized for their efforts at a "recognition celebration" at Hampton University. Along with students from Phoebus High School (who also produce videos for the NASA series), Telecom students and Telecom Supervisor Ray Price were treated to a field trip to HU that included listening to college-student speakers, touring the campus, and receiving certificates.

The group was welcomed in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism & Communications television studio. They listened to student-speakers from HU, some of whom are interns with the NIA, who shared their insights on careers pertaining to both communications and science or engineering.

The Telecom students then received a tour of the journalism building and television studio, as well as the HU campus. They ate lunch at the student center.

After lunch, the high school students were given certificates of appreciation for their work on the NASA videos.

Eleven Telecom students participated in the field trip to HU.