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Telecom shoots volleyball for the first time
Telecom shoots volleyball for the first time

Ten different sports have been showcased on NNPS-TV since 1991:  football, basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, soccer, gymnastics, wrestling, swimming, and track & field. And the Telecom sports production team figured it was time to add a new sport to the list.

After the excitement of the Summer Olympics in London, which featured volleyball and beach volleyball, the Telecom team decided Newport News Public Schools high-school volleyball would be the new sport to highlight on TV.

A Telecom camera operator is near the net to capture the action during the girls' game.
Photos by: Brianna Menchion and Anthony Dixon

On September 20, Telecom produced and recorded the Denbigh vs. Warwick volleyball games -- both boys' and girls' -- to be broadcast on NNPS-TV. The games are airing two consecutive Fridays: September 28 and October 5.

Thirteen students participated in the broadcast, manning stations court-side, in the stands, and in the remote TV production truck.

Telecom Supervisor Ray Price was Producer, and Station Engineer Bryan Catlin worked with him and the student crew on the production. Telecom Instructor Carl Daniels shot footage to use in creating the show's intro. Bill Barlow served as Director, and Greg Bicouvaris and Nate Milton were announcers.

Both Price and Bicouvaris attributed their desire to cover volleyball to the sport's rise in popularity due to the Olympics, and also to offer an opportunity to another sport.

"Football dominates," said Bicouvaris. "This gives another sport -- and particularly female athletes -- a chance to shine."

See the Game

NNPS-TV Cox 47/FiOS 17 will air the September 20 Denbigh vs. Warwick volleyball game on September 28 and October 5 at 7 p.m. Watch it there or on the webcast.

The players and coaches were very appreciative of the TV crew being there, he said.

Price added that it's exciting to add a new sport to NNPS-TV's coverage, and he is hoping to cover field hockey sometime soon.

David Kearney is a Telecom student and a volleyball player at Denbigh High. He thought being recorded for TV was a great experience, and that it's a good way to show off the teams' skills.

Other students who worked on the production cited the fast pace of the game as something that makes it exciting and entertaining for TV.

Telecom shoots volleyball at Warwick High: