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Graphics added to small TV truck

TV truck
NNPS-TV's "quick response" TV truck now has graphics.
Beth Scott photos

NNPS-TV's small TV production truck is finally over its identity crisis. The plain white truck has been custom wrapped in a colorful design that features icons that look like apps, including the NNPS-TV logo.

The TV truck was donated by WVEC (13News Now) a couple years ago, and little by little it was made road worthy. The next project was outfitting it with TV production equipment. Lastly, its aesthetics were upgraded with a custom wrap.

NNPS-TV Station Manager Jim Anklam wants to use the truck as a teaching tool for all grade levels in NNPS. Therefore, he wanted a design that was appropriate for, and appealing to, K-12 students.

The truck is also the station's new "quick response vehicle." Even though its size is relatively small, it is capable of recording multi-camera productions, or broadcasting them live on NNPS-TV (Cox Channel 47/Verizon Fios Channel 17, Roku and Apple TV and online at nnpstv.com).

back of truck
The back of the small TV truck is seen with the large production truck in the background. The larger truck's decals were replaced in the spring.

Internet live streams of events are also part of the plan for the truck.

Anklam solicited ideas from his team members and also perused stock photos that the graphics company suggested. He loved the ones that looked like apps on a device, which he knew would be familiar to students of all ages.

NNPS-TV Producer Nik Long made a sketch using those icons and adding in NNPS-TV's logo. It was given to the graphic artist at The Graphics Shop in Chesapeake, who created two different samples for the truck. Staff members all liked the one with the icons best.

Long's sketch for the truck's custom graphics.

The truck, because it is older, first needed a clear seal put on it so the graphics would stick to it. After a body shop did that, the truck finally got its attractive new look.

In keeping with NNPS's "Career Pathways" initiative, the truck will be used to get more students interested in technology and allow them to learn about TV and video production.

The NNPS-TV crew enjoys exposing students to the types of creative careers available to them, and is pleased to now have an attractive TV truck for the students to explore.