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TV truck gets new look

TV production truck
The NNPS-TV production truck's new look
Greg Lesko photos

The NNPS-TV production truck has had a "makeover" and will be ready for NNPS productions when school activities resume.

The Telecom team had the truck's custom graphics re-done in mid-March, right before the coronavirus outbreak caused school events and school itself to be suspended.

The truck is used by staff and students to produce and broadcast live events such as athletics (particularly football), student performances, and graduations.

Telecom students get training in remote broadcasting and work out of the truck during the productions. Some of the productions are broadcast live.

Staff and students in front of faded truck
The NNPS-TV crew poses outside the faded TV truck in 2018.
Beth Scott photo

The truck's decals had become faded over the past decade or so, and a new design was created to include the NNPS logo.

The new "wrap" features a silhouette of camera operators video-recording an event and the words, "NNPS-TV Productions."

close-up of graphics     driver's side of truck