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Telecom students capture highlights of state conference

2 students with camera, tripod interview man in suit
Telecom students interview panelist Nathaniel Marshall, EEO Manager of BWX Technologies Inc.

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Photos by Ray Price

Three Telecom students provided video coverage for an education and business event in Norfolk in September.

The Virginia Ed Strategies conference, "The Strategies Xchange," was held at the Hilton Norfolk The Main hotel September 16 and 17.

The conference gathered the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, the Virginia Department of Education, and the Virginia Energy Workforce Consortium, as well as speakers representing business and education, as part of an initiative to align education and workforce needs.

The idea is to support partnerships and offer services to students that will lead to advanced study and the credentials necessary for career success.

The featured keynote speaker was Kirk Cox, Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates. Other keynote speakers included Congressman Bobby Scott and Virginia Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. James Lane.

The Telecom students were able to interview Dr. Lane as part of their video coverage.

Telecom had been asked to video-record parts of the conference and do a few interviews. The assignment was to capture the highlights for an overview video of the event.

Telecom students who participated in the shoot were Michael McClellan, Jerrl Bailey, and Seth Hursey, the three students who made it to the National SkillsUSA conference last school year.

McClellan and Hursey attend Woodside High, while Bailey goes to Warwick. All three are seniors.

Hursey was part of the crew that video-recorded at the Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA) annual convention last year, so he had some experience, said Ray Price, Telecom's supervisor. The students often record parts of the two-day VSBA conference with a similar purpose - to gather footage for an overview or promotional video.

The students also interviewed panelist Nathaniel Marshall, who is the EEO Manager of BWX Technologies Inc. McClellan was the interviewer while Hursey and Bailey were the videographers.

When students cover events like this, they gain important experience, not just in videography or interviewing, but also in being dependable, behaving professionally, and completing the assigment at hand. The students also are exposed to the topics of the presentations and speakers at the event, which teenagers otherwise might not be aware of.

The students are able to sign up for a variety of shoots throughout the year, like the VSBA convention, the "Every 15 Minutes" distracted driving program, and of course football games and graduations.

TV student with camera and tripod TV student with hand-held video camera
A Telecom student records with a camera on a tripod. A student uses a hand-held camera during a speech.
student interviewing man in suit wide shot of 3 students video-recording interview
A Telecom student interviews State Superintendent Dr. Lane. Telecom students work together to capture the interview.