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NNPS-TV team shows off truck at SBE meeting

TV truck near satellite dish and communications towersNNPS-TV brought their ENG quick-response truck to WHRO for the SBE meeting.
Jim Anklam photos

NNPS-TV loves to "show and tell" when given the chance, so Station Manager Jim Anklam and Broadcast Engineer Greg Lesko recently took the opportunity to show the ENG quick-response TV truck to interested parties.

The interested parties were local members of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, who hold meetings once a month.

According to its website, the SBE is "the only organization devoted to the advancement of all levels and types of broadcast engineering."

The group has 114 chapters across the United States, one of them being Chapter 54 from Hampton Roads. Through membership, broadcast engineers can exchange ideas and share information with other professionals in their industry, and also pursue professional certification and other educational opportunities.

"The FCC did away with licensing years ago," Lesko said, "so the SBE made a series of certifications to prove to employers or prospective employers a level of competence in various fields."

Lesko has been an SBE member for about 20 years and is a Certified Broadcast Technologist, Certified TV Operator, Certified Audio Engineer, and Certified Video Engineer.

men gathered around TV camera
SBE members gather around Lesko as he demonstrates the camera.

Members can keep their certifications current by reading articles, attending webinars, and going to the monthly meetings, Lesko said. If members don't keep up, they must take a three-hour re-certification test.

"At the meetings, we talk about the latest technology and share problems and solutions," he added.

The Hampton Roads SBE meetings are held at WHRO in Norfolk, and this is where NNPS-TV brought their TV truck. Lesko had volunteered to show it off at the July meeting because there were no outside speakers or vendors scheduled to present that month.

Lesko gave background information about the vehicle and the electronics build-out that he did last year. He then set up the cameras outside and booted up the equipment inside the truck, while Anklam spoke to the members.

About 20 members were in attendance, which is a somewhat smaller group than usual. Members sometimes miss when breaking news or other emergencies come up, Lesko said.

3 men look at TV equipment inside truck SBE members view and take photos of the equipment configuration inside the NNPS-TV truck.

NNPS-TV did their presentation after lunch and the formal meeting.

The SBE members looked through the truck and asked questions. Some took photos of the equipment.

"They were quite impressed with what we are able to do with small budget," Lesko said.