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NNPS-TV visits Marshall ELC with TV truck

Lesko and Long show off the new truck at Marshall ELC.
Jim Anklam photo

The young students at Marshall Early Learning Center were thrilled to receive a visit from NNPS-TV and their fascinating TV truck and video production gear.

NNPS-TV Producer Nik Long and Broadcast Engineer Greg Lesko gave a presentation that both educated and entertained.

The students, who are four and five years old, were able to see inside and outside the TV production truck, operate a video camera on a tripod, watch the drone in flight, and see other cool equipment used in the TV industry.

The students divided into two groups, and Long helped one group with the video camera while Lesko showed the other group the inside of the truck and switching equipment. The students panned the camera as their teachers and classmates hammed it up while walking to the truck. Then the groups swapped so all the students could do both.

Four different classes got to see the presentation. Each has a different topic to investigate for their "Celebration of Learning" project, like vehicles, technology, or community helpers. Long geared his talk toward these topics, telling them about ENG (Electronic News Gathering) and how the truck and the TV equipment inside it allows them to produce TV from different places, and how telling stories helps keep the community informed.

Students wave in this photo captured using the drone.
Nik Long photo

Long and Lesko also explained about their jobs as Producer and Engineer, respectively.

After using the camera and touring the truck, the students got to see a different kind of vehicle - an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV - otherwise known as a drone.

The children were very excited to see the drone take off and fly, and to see the top of their school on the video screen. They waved and smiled as Long took their photo from above.

With the help of NNPS-TV staff, the young students at Marshall ELC learned a lot about vehicles, TV and video production, technology, and helping the community. This knowledge and experience will help them, too, learn to soar.

NNPS-TV visit to Marshall ELC:
Jim Anklam and Marshall ELC staff photos

talking to students production truck at school
Long tells the kids about working at a TV station. The kids learn about the TV production truck.
kids looking up at drone Lesko gives kids high fives
Students are excited to see the drone flying. Lesko gives high fives as the students depart.
child using camera on tripod teacher smiling on camera screen
Long lets the students try the video camera. Hamming it up for the camera