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Telecom students, Coko shoot lip sync video at Enterprise Academy

Telecom students video-record Enterprise Academy students and staff for a lip sync video.
Photos by Beth Scott

Telecom students love to make videos and music videos are generally considered the most fun to make.

So when Telecom Supervisor Ray Price found out that Enterprise Academy teacher Sean Slaughter wanted to get the whole school involved in a lip sync video, he knew the Telecom students could help.

Slaughter is the Business Information Technology teacher and the Music Club sponsor at Enterprise. He specializes in Music Technology and also teaches Music Production through his non-profit organization, Life Power Music Mentoring. He selected the music and organized the content of the video.

He said the idea to make a lip sync video was sparked by an NNPS-sponsored anti-bully lip sync challenge in the fall. Busy schedules did not allow Enterprise Academy to participate in that, but the idea lingered.

“Dr. Mills, our school's principal, encouraged me to move forward with it as a fun, team-building activity for students and teachers,” Slaughter said.

Last school year, Telecom students worked on two projects at Enterprise Academy: a music video and interviews with students in the Music/Poetry Club, which Slaughter sponsors.

They made those videos "to empower the students, allowing them to express themselves and use their gifts," Slaughter said.

"The students also talked about the positive benefits of PBIS at Enterprise Academy," he added.

PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, and according to the National Education Association (NEA) website, it is a "general term that refers to positive behavioral interventions and systems used to achieve important behavior changes."

Slaughter thought Price and the Telecom students did a fantastic job recording and editing those videos, so when he wanted to record the lip-sync video, he knew where to go.

By the end of November, Slaughter, Price, and the Telecom crew had a plan in place. Enterprise staff and students came up with what they wanted to do for their portion of the lip sync video, and the shoot was held in early December.

The Telecom video crew was composed of Price and students Ryan Mullen, Tyson Odette, and Derick Miracle, who are all seniors at Woodside High.

Mullen has made music videos before, and was the lead camera operator for the shoot. The crew used a camera mounted on a tripod with wheels and also the "Fig Rig." The Fig Rig is a camera mount that looks like a steering wheel that helps stabilize the camera and gives the operator more control. Extra lights were needed, too.

The video features snippets from six songs. Students and staff from Enterprise's middle school and high school each lip-synced to two song snippets, acting out a graduation scene in one of them. The entire school did the final song snippet.

And in between, the Enterprise girls did a song snippet with a special guest - Coko from Sisters With Voices, who lives in the area. She had been asked to speak to and encourage the female Enterprise Academy students, and she happened to be scheduled to speak the same day as the video shoot. She agreed to perform on the video, on the SWV song, "Right Here."

"It was amazing!" said Slaughter, who was pleased to add a little star power to the project. The girls were also thrilled.

The video shoot went fairly quickly, with two or three takes per song.

Telecom student Mullen edited the video. Once done, the video was posted to the student YouTube channel and the student page of the NNPSTV.com website.

Telecom students often participate in video shoots throughout the school division and community in order to gain experience, contribute their talents, and earn extra credit. In the past, Telecom videographers have worked on videos covering the VSBA convention, the "Every 15 Minutes" distracted driving program, NNPD home security, the NNPS-TV shows Sports Highlights and Fuzion Fitness, CNU's 50th Anniversary Gala, and drone footage of a college campus. Students also assist teachers with professional development video needs, like recording classes for national certification.

Enterprise Academy lip sync video:

video shoot - school hallway Using Fig Rig
Mullen and Odette get video of the graduation scene. Odette uses the "Fig Rig" during the final song.
Coko, Telcom team Coko, school girls dance
Coko poses with the Telcom crew. Coko and the Enterprise girls perform her song.