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Telecom students to create VSBA promo

Telecom students gather footage for VSBA promo

A Telecom student uses a "Fig Rig" while recording at the VSBA Annual Convention.
Photos by: Ray Price

Telecom students worked on site at the Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA) Annual Convention, which was held in Williamsburg November 14-16.

The event, held at the Williamsburg Lodge, attracts over 1,000 school board members, superintendents, and school division employees from all over Virginia.

Every year, Telecom students record video footage at the convention for the purpose of producing a short promotional video to advertise next year's convention.

Led by Telecom Supervisor Ray Price, the crew attends both days to get coverage of all the events, including a very early 5K race, which means a very early crew call. This year it included drizzling rain.

"We had our rain gear on," said Price.

The student crew recorded highlights and interviews for their promo, and they will edit it and add audio and graphics to create the video.

VSBA logoStudents participating in the production were: Tyson Odette, Ryan Mullen, Treyon Mobley, Seth Hursey, and Joshua Stuck.

VSBA Executive Director Gina Patterson thanked Price and the students in an e-mail, saying, "I really appreciate all you and your students have done to help promote and highlight the VSBA Annual Convention each year."

NNPS Superintendent Dr. Parker added that he was "very proud of our students."

2018 VSBA Annual Convention:

Camera operator   students with camera
A Telecom student records at the exhibition hall.  

Two crew members wait for the action.

students with video camera   interview
Telecom students gather footage.   A Telecom student conducts an interview.