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NNPS-TV intern gets in-depth feel for TV work

NNPS-TV intern gets in-depth feel for TV work
work station
NNPS-TV Producer Nik Long works with Intern Alex Finneran on a script.
Photo: Beth Scott

The TV production team at NNPS-TV has had a side-kick for the past few months. Christopher Newport University Junior Alex Finneran is learning from the pro's as part of his internship that will run until December.

Alex became interested in video production when he was in the International Baccalaureate program at Warwick High School. He took I.B. Film during his junior year there. The course covers three curriculum areas: textual analysis, film theory and history, and creative process.

As the son of an NNPS administrator - his dad Patrick Finneran is Corporate & Government Relations Director - Alex had heard of NNPS-TV and the Telecommunications program, plus he had friends who had worked at NNPS-TV in the past. He set up an internship with NNPS-TV Station Manager Jim Anklam and Producer Nik Long. They have been teaching him videography and how to use editing software like Final Cut Pro and Motion.

"Alex takes direction very well," said Anklam. "His work has improved 100% since he first started here because he listens when we give him advice. On our crew, we always proof, edit, and try to improve each other's work."

According to Long, Alex has "edited some great segments, shot several events, and been a great benefit to our team."

Alex Finneran

Alex has edited video segments that have been featured in “This Just In,” NNPS-TV’s weekly news show. He finds this the most interesting part of video production.

"The best thing about working at Telecom (NNPS-TV)," he said, "is all the hands on experience I can't always get in a classroom that will really help me in the future."

Anklam concurs: "Learning theory and finding how to do something new, then immediately making it a hands-on application is what he likes."

water shot
Alex shoots with a GoPro waterproof camera during the canoeing portion of Outdoor Education class.
Photo: Nik Long

Alex also worked on the production of the STAR Awards student awards show, as a videographer during the event. And he helps with in-studio production, too, running the teleprompter.

In addition to working at NNPS-TV, Alex had a small lawn care business during the summer.

When asked what the neatest thing he's done during his internship at NNPS-TV, Alex said, "actually going into the water at Huntington Beach on a shoot with Nik for the outdoor summer P.E. program."

And the worst thing about working at NNPS-TV?

"Having to carry the equipment," he said, "since I'm the intern."