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NNPS-TV video illuminates Elementary Design Challenge

NNPS-TV video illuminates Elementary Design Challenge
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U.S. Coast Guard LTJG Emily Young was the talent for the lighthouse video.
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The NNPS-TV production team completed another Elementary Engineering Design Challenge video. The video gives background information and introduces a challenge, which elementary students then try to accomplish.

The last challenge video centered around Jamestown, and this one focused on another local historic site: the Old Point Comfort lighthouse at Fort Monroe. 

The Elementary Engineering Design Challenge is a STEM initiative that offers real-life scenarios, hands-on learning, and problem-solving opportunities. All 24 NNPS elementary schools participated in four Elementary Engineering Design Challenges this school year, with each challenge set up for two grade-levels. The Old Point Comfort challenge was for 4th- and 5th-graders. Each school sends a four-person team.

The lighthouse challenge was co-hosted by the U.S. Coast Guard, one of a number of community STEM partners who help create each challenge. The Coast Guard owns and operates the lighthouse at Fort Monroe, and a female Lieutenant (junior grade) is featured in the video.

In the past school year, NNPS has partnered with the Mariners' Museum and the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation to present unique challenges.

The production team consists of NNPS-TV Station Manager Jim Anklam, Producer Nik Long, and Video Production Tech Aaron Moore. They work closely with the challenge host partner and the NNPS STEM department when creating Design Challenge videos.

To create the lighthouse intro video, Anklam and Long went to Fort Monroe twice to video-record images of the lighthouse and of U.S. Coast Guard LTJG Emily Young introducing the challenge.  One of the shoots was in the evening in order to get the full effect of the lighthouse.

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Both times, the team used the quadcopter, which is a small, unmanned helicopter that holds a GoPro camera, to capture aerial footage. Long did most of the editing on the intro video, and also shot footage at the actual Engineering Design Challenge with the students.  Moore helped finalize the intro video, adding impressive graphics, and also edited the video of the Design Challenge into a segment for use in NNPS-TV's "News in a Minute" show.

After watching the intro video at Newsome Park Elementary, the students accepted the challenge, which was to build a working lighthouse to guide the USS Odyssey, a fictional cargo ship whose navigational systems had failed.

Much like the students who did an excellent job designing and building their lighthouses, the NNPS-TV team did an excellent job designing and creating the videos for this fun and educational event.

Elementary Design Challenge Lighthouse video: