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NNPS-TV celebrates 5 years of 'This Just In'

NNPS-TV celebrates 5 years of 'This Just In'

Sample scenes from "This Just In"
NNPS-TV and the production team are celebrating another anniversary: They have been producing "This Just In" - a weekly news show that highlights school-related events and happenings - for five years as of early March 2015.

The show has been popular among teachers, parents, administrators and community members who are involved in Newport News Public Schools. It covers everything from Dr. Seuss Day to arts programs to fundraisers and competitions. It is also a vehicle for making announcements about upcoming events and opportunities, and disseminating information.

Included in each episode of "This Just In" is a featured segment that the team produced, plus a couple of short reports about other schools. Featured segments are shows like "News in a Minute," "Teach Green," and "Scouting Report."

NNPS-TV production team

The NNPS-TV production team with some of their awards

Sometimes a promo is included as well. A promo is a video that advertises something like Middle School in general or a specific upcoming event, like Wake Up & Read, which was held in January.

Each episode is usually under ten minutes long and features stories about three or four schools. It airs daily at 6 and 8 a.m., noon and 3 p.m. on NNPS-TV (Cox Channel 47/FiOS Channel 17). The show can be seen on the nnpstv.com web stream during those broadcast times, or viewers may watch recent episodes on demand on YouTube and older shows on the archives site.

"This Just In" began airing in March of 2010. The production team wanted to produce a show covering a wide range of schools and decided that a weekly show would provide coverage of a lot of schools and activities.

For the ensuing five years, the weekly show aired every single week without fail. The team sometimes has six or more shoots scheduled in one week. When there are holidays, the team plans ahead and produces extra shows to air each week.  Even with the recent snow days, the production team was able to adapt and continue their work to keep the show on schedule.

To maintain the demanding schedule, the team must plan and communicate among themselves, and also with the principals, assistant principals and teachers at the schools they are covering.

The three members of the NNPS-TV production team, Station Manager Jim Anklam, Producer Nik Long, and Video Production Tech Aaron Moore, all gather information and write scripts for the show. They proof each other's work, so nothing is aired that hasn’t been reviewed by at least two team members. Long and Moore go on most of the shoots and do the video editing and voiceovers, while Anklam hosts the show.

"This Just In" has won Videographer, NSPRA (National School Public Relations Association), and Pixie awards.

Good communication, crew members who can do more than one job, and a lot of teamwork are what make "This Just In" a success, and are what keep the production team going after a couple hundred -- 263 to be exact -- episodes.