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NNPS-TV airs 100th 'This Just In' weekly show

NNPS-TV intern learns TV production
Jim standup

Jim Anklam does a "stand-up."

This week marks a milestone for NNPS-TV and the production team: The 100th episode of "This Just In" is now showing on the channel and online.

The weekly news show highlights school-related events and the students, parents, teachers, administrators and community members who make things happen in Newport News public schools. Each episode is usually well under ten minutes long, but highlights about five or six schools. It is shot in HD and has won Videographer and other national awards.

"This Just In" began airing in March of 2010. The production team had decided to highlight news and events happening in the schools on a weekly basis. The idea was to get coverage of activities at a wide range of schools. The team works closely with principals, assistant principals and teachers, and their shoot schedule keeps them hopping, including some weekends and evenings.

Nik camera

Nik Long operates the camera.

The team captures the story and portrays it concisely with video, narration and occasionally digital photos. The schools have appreciated this type of positive and timely coverage. Each month, more and more schools contact the production team with new stories to cover.

Station Manager Jim Anklam writes scripts and hosts the show, doing "stand-ups" in between segments. Producer Nik Long and Video Production Tech Aaron Moore shoot and edit the video and put together packages like "News in a Minute," "Scouting Report," and "Teach Green" to run as part of the show.

Aaron editing

Aaron Moore edits footage.

Usually a weekly television program has a crew of dozens of people doing specialized jobs. The fact that this show is produced by a three-man team is a testimony to planning ahead, great communication, the ability of each crew member to do more than one job, and a strong commitment to a team effort by each member. The show has been produced every week for 100 straight weeks, including holidays and times when crew members were absent.

The show runs daily at 6 and 8 a.m., noon and 3 p.m. You can see it on the nnpstv.com webcast at those times, or view it on demand on the video site.

In the words of "This Just In" host Anklam when he signs off each episode: "Thanks for watching!"