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Telecom part of tech leadership tour

National School Boards Association Technology Leadership Network site tour
The Truck
The remote video production truck, affectionately called "The Truck," is something people want to see.

The Telecommunications Center will be welcoming educational innovators to our facility on Friday, April 29, as visitors from around the country stop in to see innovative strategies in action.

Newport News Public Schools is one of three school districts across the country chosen by the National School Boards Association Technology Leadership Network for site visits.

In 2009, NNPS was chosen as an NSBA Salute District for outstanding integration of technology. As a follow-up to that, NNPS will host educational and political leaders from across the nation to exchange ideas, spread best practices and showcase talents and achievements.

The other districts selected for site visits in 2011 are Pascack Valley Regional High School District in Montvale, New Jersey and Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky.

production truck
Students man the controls in "The Truck" during a football game.

High on the list of things to see and learn about in Newport News is Telecom and the remote video production truck, affectionately (and efficiently) referred to as "The Truck."  Educators are intrigued by this production studio on wheels, where students produce and broadcast live events such as sports competitions, student performances, and more.

Last summer, Station Engineer Bryan Catlin painstakingly updated and reconfigured the equipment in The Truck for optimal performance.  Visitors will get a tour of his handiwork, and also see the Telecom facility, including the studio where school board meetings and work sessions are recorded and broadcast live.  The meetings take place across the street in the Administration Building's conference room, of course, but students use robotic cameras controlled from the Telecom studio to capture the event.

More about the NSBA site visit:


See the agenda:


Educators on the NSBA tour will be visiting NNPS schools April 27-29.  There will be three independent tours of school sites to showcase the innovative and effective use of technology in teaching, learning, and leading.  In addition to Telecom, they will visit elementary, middle and high schools, plus the Aviation Academy at Denbigh High.

Highlights of the tour:

  • Student-produced live morning video shows
  • Mobile learning devices in use in classrooms
  • Electronic student portfolios
  • Video-conferencing for students and staff
  • Online management of administrative classroom observations and walkthroughs
  • On-site live-tracking of buses via GPS
  • Technology-oriented Career Pathways clubs and internships
  • 21st century science labs and electronic science probes
  • Assistive technologies
  • Math, science, and technology-themed magnet schools

For more information about the National School Boards Association Technology Leadership Network site tour, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the Department of Innovation and Development at (757) 591-4580.

Visitors will tour Telecom's studios and remote video production truck:

NNPS-TV            lots of cables
inside the truck   control board

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