Iisha Scott13News Now meteorologist Iisha Scott breezed into the Telecommunications Center last week with a sunny forecast for hardworking NNPS television production students.


beach ball grad capNNPS-TV (Cox Channel 47/Verizon FiOS Channel 17) will air the 2017 NNPS Summer Graduation starting October 4.

Jefferson LabWhen it comes to getting the word out about important Newport News Public Schools initiatives, videos made for television and the Internet are a very effective tool. They are one of the best ways to show the ideas behind any program and the good work and successes that are achieved.
NNPS logoThe next School Board Meeting will be held Tuesday, November 21 at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will be broadcast live on NNPS-TV (Cox Channel 47/Verizon FiOS Channel 17) and re-played at later dates.

footballThis fall is the 27th season of NNPS-TV high school football television coverage. NNPS-TV will air four Friday-night games live on Cox Channel 47/Verizon FiOS Channel 17.

Student Camera OperatorTelecom students helped produce the October episode of "Sports Highlights," which is a sports-related interview show. It is hosted by Greg Bicouvaris and has been running for over 25 years on NNPS-TV Cox Channel 47/FiOS Channel 17. Telecom program Supervisor Ray Price is the Director-Producer of the show.

officersOne of the first orders of business when the Telecom students come back to school is to elect SkillsUSA officers for the new school year.

instructor and student set up cameraNNPS Television Production students are jumping into hands-on training even before school starts on September 5.
video production internNNPS-TV had a Career Pathways intern this summer: Janiya Jenkins from Heritage High School.

production truckOne of the best things about the NNPS Telecom program is all the high-tech equipment available for the students to use. They work in NNPS-TV's large studio using lights, sets, and TV cameras to create their videos. In the control room, they use recording, switching, and audio systems. When they record the School Board meetings each month, they operate remote-controlled cameras. And they have a classroom full of Mac's with the latest editing software for video, music, photos, and graphics. But without a doubt, their coolest tool is the one on wheels: the remote video production truck.