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On Saturday, April 23, Telecom students participated in the SAGE Expo at Patrick Henry Mall. SAGE is the Student Advisory Group on Education, a group of high school students that meets regularly with Superintendent Dr. Ashby Kilgore to share their views and offer input.
interviewMotivated Telecom students were "fit for duty" last month, covering events celebrating April as the Month of the Military Child.

graduation capThe NNPS high school graduations will be held June 9, 11 and 12. NNPS-TV will video-record the commencement ceremonies for replay on NNPS-TV Cox 47/FiOS 17. DVDs will be available for purchase.

NNPS logoThe next School Board Meeting will be held Tuesday, May 17 at 6:30 p.m. A Work Session will be held at 5:30 p.m. Both meetings will be broadcast live on NNPS-TV (Cox 47/FiOS 17) and re-played at later dates.
tennis set upJust like they do every year, Telecom students video-recorded the annual Dr. Mary V. Bicouvaris Memorial Tennis Tournament for television. But this year something was different: Their remote video production truck was newly upgraded so they could record in HD (High Definition).

Drone ControlsNNPS-TV is providing tours and hands-on learning to three student TV crews this spring. Students from McIntosh Elementary School toured the studio in March, and Saunders Elementary School students will visit in late April. Additionally, An Achievable Dream Middle School's Broadcast Club will enjoy a tour at the end of the month.

LugoThe creative juices are flowing at Telecom as juniors and seniors complete a variety of shows for their TV Production classes.
NASA visitorsTelecom students and faculty are over the moon for their new project: creating "Spotlite videos" for a NASA web series. The videos are 90- to 120-second video segments designed to increase scientific literacy by explaining common science misconceptions. Each one will focus on a single STEM concept.

training videoThe NNPS-TV production team recently created a series of training videos for school employees. The team most often visits NNPS schools to report on the activities and successes there, but also occasionally delves into professional development in the form of training videos.

video shoot When the NNPS-TV production team shot the intro video for the last Elementary Engineering Design Challenge at the top of a Busch Gardens roller coaster, they thought it might be downhill from there. What could compare to that for a thrilling engineering subject to shoot?

NNPS-TV production teamThe NNPS-TV television production team had a busy and exciting year, creating a huge number of videos for airing on our channel, viewing by NNPS students and employees, and showing at special events. They even made a video for a contest entry to help a school compete for a grant for a new science lab.


slow computerNNPS-TV and Crittenden Middle School were hoping Crittenden would win $100,000 in grant money for a new science lab, but they will have to settle for a $2,000 semifinalist award.

studioNNPS-TV hosted the Morning Show crews from both an elementary school and a middle school in November. On November 9, students from Greenwood Elementary School visited, and 10 days later, Gildersleeve Middle School students took the tour. Both groups were shown the studios and equipment and were allowed to try working different jobs on a set.
Griffon shootThe NNPS-TV production team goes to great lengths -- and sometimes great heights -- to get the right shot for their videos. In mid-October, their assignment took them all the way to the top of Busch Gardens' Griffon, the super-popular 205-foot high roller coaster that opened in 2007.