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video shoot When the NNPS-TV production team shot the intro video for the last Elementary Engineering Design Challenge at the top of a Busch Gardens roller coaster, they thought it might be downhill from there. What could compare to that for a thrilling engineering subject to shoot?

NNPS-TV production teamThe NNPS-TV television production team had a busy and exciting year, creating a huge number of videos for airing on our channel, viewing by NNPS students and employees, and showing at special events. They even made a video for a contest entry to help a school compete for a grant for a new science lab.

NNPS logoThe next School Board Meeting is Tuesday, February 16, at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will be broadcast live on NNPS-TV (Cox 47/FiOS 17).

slow computerNNPS-TV and Crittenden Middle School were hoping Crittenden would win $100,000 in grant money for a new science lab, but they will have to settle for a $2,000 semifinalist award.

control roomDaily Press reporter Jane Hammond covered Telecom students producing a school board meeting.
studioNNPS-TV hosted the Morning Show crews from both an elementary school and a middle school in November. On November 9, students from Greenwood Elementary School visited, and 10 days later, Gildersleeve Middle School students took the tour. Both groups were shown the studios and equipment and were allowed to try working different jobs on a set.
Griffon shootThe NNPS-TV production team goes to great lengths -- and sometimes great heights -- to get the right shot for their videos. In mid-October, their assignment took them all the way to the top of Busch Gardens' Griffon, the super-popular 205-foot high roller coaster that opened in 2007.
flying the droneThe NNPS-TV production team uses skill, expertise and willingness to adapt to the situation when they set out to cover NNPS's Outdoor Education courses, much like the students who are enrolled in the classes.

dry iceThe NNPS-TV production team recently created a video to help Crittenden Middle School compete for a $100,000 grant in a contest sponsored by the Northrop Grumman Foundation. The five winners of the contest, called "Fab School Labs," will receive a science lab makeover.


gameTelecom students were able to work an extra football game this year, thanks to Woodside High School's team advancing to the playoffs. Watch it on NNPS-TV (Cox Channel 47/Verizon FiOS Channel 17)!

Alex FinneranThe TV production team at NNPS-TV has had a side-kick for the past few months. Christopher Newport University Junior Alex Finneran is learning from the pro's as part of his internship that will run until December.
Student learning video cameraTelecom Supervisor Ray Price devoted his time and efforts this summer to the children participating in "SPARK," a summer program to help NNPS students in need of extra attention.

LighthouseThe NNPS-TV production team completed another Elementary Engineering Design Challenge video. The video gives background information and introduces a challenge, which elementary students then try to accomplish.

LongNNPS-TV Producer Nik Long is known for running around with his video camera. And he ran cross country in high school -- and runs for health and occasionally participates in a 5K or maybe a 10K. But training for and running a marathon - that's 26.2 miles - is a whole different thing. When Long decided it was a goal he wanted to attain, injuries, snowstorms and work and family obligations were not going to stand in his way.