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The Five Keys

Opening Doors to the Future

The Five Keys title screenFor better or worse, science has played a central role in the life and development of human civilization. Now, however, with scientific research and technology developing at an exponential rate the likes of which mankind has never seen, new issues have been raised. This five-part documentary series takes an in-depth look at the five key areas of scientific innovation that are likely to have the largest impact on the future of our global society.

Program descriptions:

Zeros & Ones: The World of Digital Technology

The way we process information has had a significant impact on both technology and communication in modern society. From natural analogue systems, we have witnessed the development of binary and digital information systems, and arrived at the massively complex technology that now dominates our daily lives.

New Materials

In the last two centuries alone, mankind has witnessed an explosion in the production of new and entirely synthetic materials - most significantly the plastics that now occupy a prominent place in our everyday lives. But with the advent of nanotechnology, everything we have achieved so far may have been just the beginning.

Seeds: Genetic Engineering

In the past, overpopulation and food-shortage issues have plagued humanity. Today, cross-breeding and genetic modification of plants have played a significant role in allowing the human population to expand to the staggering extent that we are witnessing today and may be able to overcome the imposing threat of food shortages.


What exactly does it means to be a “mutant”? Far from being some kind of seemingly alien being, the answer is that we are all mutants. In fact, if it weren’t for genetic mutation, the human race may not have survived as long as it has.

The Sun

The possibilities offered by the Sun in terms of clean, sustainable solar and wind energy seem endless. In fact, new research and technologies might very well be the solution to mankind’s current dependency on oil and the social and political harm that tend to result from this dependency.