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100 Years, 100 Events

This engrossing series highlights the most significant and far-reaching events of the 20th Century, broken down into decades. Dramatic insider accounts and details are included in this collection that captures the significance of 100 years of movements, politics, wars, tragedies, achievements, scandals, controversies, leaders and more.

Warsaw Ghetto BoyHigh school juniors and above.


1900: World Exhibition in Paris
1901: Death of Queen Victoria
1903: The Wright Brothers
1906: Earthquake in San Francisco
1907: Rasputin and the Romanovs
1909: Suffragette Demonstrations


1911: The Race to the South Pole: Amundsen Makes it and Scott Dies
1912: The Maiden Voyage of the Titanic
1913: The German Kaiser
1914: The Assassination: Sarajevo and the Beginning of World War I
1916: WWI - The Great War: The Battle Of Verdun
1917: The Russian October Revolution
1918: The Revolution in Germany: Scheidemann Proclaims The German Republic
1919: The Contract: The Treaty of Versailles


1920: The Beginning of Prohibition
1922: The Seizure of Power: Mussolini's March to Rome
1922: The Excavation of Tutankhamen
1923: The Putsch: Hitler
1924: Stalin – Lenin
1925: Charlie Chaplin in Hollywood
1926: "Golden Twenties": Josephine Baker in her Banana Skirt
1927: The Winged Hero: Charles Lindbergh Flies Across the Atlantic
1928: The Discovery: Help Through Penicillin
1929: Black Friday: The Stock-Market Crash and its Consequences


1930: The March: Ghandi
1932: The Crisis: The End of the Weimar Republic
1933: The Beginning: Hitler's Seizure of Power
1934: The Long March: Mao
1936: Hero of the Olympic Games: Jesse Owens
1936: "Moment of Death" in The Spanish Civil War
1937: Stalin : The Dictator
1937: The End of Airships: The Explosion of the "Hindenburg" in Lakehurst
1938: The Night of Pogrom
1938: Peace Bought
1939: Hitler's Attack in Poland


1940: Hitler in Paris
1941: The Attack on Pearl Harbor
1941: The Attack on Russia
1942: Auschwitz
1943: The Unbelievable Horror: A Boy From Warsaw
1943: Stalingrad
1944: D-Day
1945: The Bomb at Hiroshima
1945: The Capitulation
1946: The Nuremberg Trials
1947: The Fight for Jerusalem
1948: Aid Shipments for Berlin
1949: The Founding of the East and West German States


1951: The Comeback of a Legend: Churchill’s Last Battle
1953: On The Top: The First Ascent of Mount Everest
1953: Queen Elizabeth II
1953: Stones Against Tanks – Upheaval in East Germany
1954: Bomb Explodes on Bikini Island
1954: Marilyn Monroe
1955: Adenauer in Moscow
1956: The Riot: Anti-Communist Protests in Hungary
1958: Elvis Presley
1959: Cuban Revolution - Fidel Castro in Havana


1961: Adolf Eichmann
1961: The Berlin Wall
1962: The Cuban Missile Crisis
1963: The Assassination of U.S. President Kennedy
1964: The "Loudmouth": Cassius Clay
1965: A Royal Medal for The Beatles
1966: The Goal of Wembley
1967: Benno Ohnesorg
1967: Israel: The End of The Six-Day-War
1968: The Execution of a Vietcong
1968: The End of the "Spring of Prague"
1969: Neil Armstrong: Man on the Moon:


1970: Salute in Warsaw
1972: Napalm Girl From Vietnam
1972: The Attack on the Olympic Camp in Munich
1974: The Guillaume Scandals
1974: The Watergate Hotel: Nixon Resigns
1975: Fall of Saigon
1976: The Mourning in Soweto: The Bloody End of Student Protests
1977: Hijack of Lufthansa
1978: First Test-Tube Baby
1979: The Islamic Revolution: Khomeini's Return to Iran


1980: Lech Walesa - Solidarity
1981: Assassination Attempt on Pope John Paul II
1982: The Falklands War
1983: The Diary of Hitler
1985: The AIDS Virus: Patient Zero
1986: NASA Space Shuttle Challenger Explodes During Takeoff
1986: The Chernobyl Disaster
1987: The Death of Uwe Barschel
1988: Gladbeck Hostages
1989: The Fall of the Berlin Wall


1990: Germany Reunification
1991: The Gulf War
1991: Communists Try to Grab Back Power in Moscow
1992: The Horror in Bosnia
1993: The Failure in Somalia
1994: Nelson Mandela
1995: Yitzhak Rabin
1997: The Death of Princess Diana
1998: Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky
1999: 100 Years: A Retrospective