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Democracy in America

Viewers are given a deeper understanding of the principles and workings of American democracy, and its current precarious state.

The series demonstrates that Americans still believe that democracy is the worthiest form of government, but reveals that many eligible citizens do not vote, and a majority of Americans distrust their government.

This disengagement from political and civic life may stem from a lack of basic knowledge concerning political affairs, which tends to preclude participation.

The half-hour shows cover such topics as: citizenship, the Constitution, federalism, civil liberties, the presidency and more.

Show titles:

courthouse1. Citizenship: Making Government Work
2. The Constitution: Fixed or Flexible?
3. Federalism: U.S. v. the States
4. Civil Liberties: Safeguarding the Individual
5. Civil Rights: Demanding Equality
6. Legislatures: Laying Down the Law
7. The Modern Presidency: Tools of Power
8. Bureaucracy: A Controversial Necessity
9. The Courts: Our Rule of Law
10. Understanding Media: The Inside Story
11. Public Opinion: Voice of the People
12. Political parties: Mobilizing Agents
13. Elections: The Maintenance of Democracy
14. Interest Groups: Organizing to Influence
15. Global Politics: U.S.A. and the World